Chenille-It tm Blooming Bias tm Natural
Only $15.95

Chenille-It tm Blooming Bias tm- Pale Pink
Only $17.00

Plant a Garden Quilt Kit
Only $85.00

Butterfly Garden Kit
Only $95.00

Plant a Garden Kit
Only $80.00

Venetian Windows Kit
Only $175.00

Bird on a Wire Quilt Kit
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New products and tools continue to make the process of creating chenille easier and faster. One of these new products is chenille tissues that have stitching lines printed on them. The advantage of these new tissues is not merely to have lines to follow while stitching - it serves as a stabilizer to the layers of fabrics that have been stacked and often (especially with rayons) will distort and move in the process of sewing your channels. After designing and sewing chenille garments and projects full time for more than eight years, I ALWAYS use chenille tissues to stabilize my fabrics and to allow me greater design possibilities with my rows of stitching.
Because I feel this is such a valuable tool in the successful completion of a chenille garment I am now including these tissues with all of my wearable patterns unless otherwise specified. I think that once you have tried these tissues you too will agree. You will still be able to order these tissues separately for refills as well as for other chenille projects.

At your request! See the easy Instructions for Constructing a Texturized ("Broom") Skirt following the list of patterns, books, and supplies at the bottom of this page.


    Description Price
1.   Cherish Jacket pattern
Item No. 3-57
2.   Flower Fantasy Quilt/wall hanging pattern
Item No. 3-56
3.   Plant a Garden Quilt Pattern
Item No. 3-55
4.   C603 Toddler Chenille-It Patter
Item No. 3-54
5.   C701 Lattice Jacket Chenille-It Pattern
Item No. 3-44
6.   C702 Vintage Jacket Chenille-It Pattern
Item No. 3-43
7.   C708 Skirt Frappe Chenille-It Pattern
Item No. 3-41
8.   C707 Bits & Pieces Chenille-It Pattern
Item No. 3-40
9.   Faux Chenille ®
Tissue Template Refills for
The Cardigan Pattern # 501

Item No. 3-36
10.   Faux Chenille ®
Tissue Template Refills for the
Mandarin Vest Pattern # 502

Item No. 3-35
11.   Tunic Times Two
Pattern #512

Item No. 3-34
12.   Toddlers Jacket #603

Item No. 3-32
13.   Americana
Pattern #602

Item No. 3-31
14.   Jasmine Jacket
Pattern #515

Item No. 3-30
15.   Woodsman Jacket
Pattern #514

Item No. 3-29
16.   Chenille Sport Vest
Pattern #513

Item No. 3-28
17.   Banded Vest
Pattern #508

Item No. 3-27
18.   Original Chenille Jacket
Pattern # 507

Item No. 3-26
19.   Original Chenille Vest
Pattern # 506

Item No. 3-25
20.   Faux Chenille ®
Tissue Template Refills for the
Jasmine Jacket Pattern # 515

Item No. 3-19
21.   Faux Chenille ®
Tissue Template Refills for the
Woodsman Jacket Pattern # 514

Item No. 3-18
22.   Faux Chenille ®
Tissue Template Refill for the
Chenille Sport Vest Pattern # 513

Item No. 3-17
23.   Faux Chenille ®
Tissue Template Refills for the
Banded Vest Pattern # 508

Item No. 3-16
24.   Faux Chenille ®
Tissue Template Refills for the
Original Chenille Jacket Pattern # 507

Item No. 3-14
25.   Faux Chenille ®
Tissue Template Refills for the
Original Chenille Vest Pattern # 506

Item No. 3-12
26.   Faux Chenille ®
Tissue Template Refills for the
Raglan Jacket Pattern # 504

Item No. 3-11
27.   Faux Chenille ®
Tissue Template Refills for the
Tunic Times Two Pattern # 512

Item No. 3-09
28.   Raglan Jacket
Pattern # 504

Item No. 3-08
29.   Faux Bear
Pattern # 601

Item No. 3-06
30.   Shawl Vest
Pattern # 505

Item No. 3-05
31.   The Cardigan
Pattern # 501

Item No. 3-04
32.   Mandarin Vest
Pattern # 502

Item No. 3-03
33.   New Directions in Chenille
Item No. 3-02
All prices in US Dollars

Instructions for Constructing a Textured ("Broom") Skirt

When you layer, stitch, cut, and wash rayon fabric and mix colors, weaves, and prints to create unusual colorations, you need a coordinating piece of clothing that will enhance and blend with your finished new texture. If you use one of the layers from your chenille stack for a matching skirt you will have an elegant ensemble! This skirt is not only fast and simple to make, it moves beautifully after it is texturized because you use the same soft rayon that you used in your chenille!

This size will fit MOST. Please adjust the width of the top panels for smaller or larger sizes and the length of the bottom panels for the desired finished length.

Top layer: Cut two panels 33 inches wide and 26 inches long. Sew the 26 inch panels together on each side forming a tube. Serge both seams.

Bottom layer: Cut three panels 60 inches wide and 15 inches long. Seam the three panels together forming a tube and serge the seams.

Run a row of gathering stitches on one edge of the bottom tube and gather up the stitches until the bottom layer fits the bottom of the top tube. Pin in place and stitch in a ½ inch seam and serge.

Serge the remaining raw edge of the bottom layer and turn up ½ inch for hem. Stitch hem in place by machine.

Serge the raw edge of the top tube and press toward the inside of the skirt 1 ¼ inch. Stitch in place close to surged edged leaving 2 inches open for elastic. Measure non roll elastic 2 inches shorter than waist measurement and insert into casing. Secure ends of elastic by overlapping and stitching securely. Stitch the final two inches of the casing in place.

To texturize skirt: Get skirt completely wet in cold water and wring out excess water. Note: you may run skirt through short cycle in washer with cold water and spin cycle. Cut off one leg of and old pair of panty hose as close to the top as possible. Accordian pleat the waistband of your skirt in about two inch pleats and keep it as flat and even on top as possible. With the other hand take the panty hose leg and place the toe of the stocking over the pleated end of the skirt and pull the stocking down over the skirt until it is completely encased in the stocking leg. Tie the end of the stocking in a knot and find a place to hand the stocking to dry for about two days. You can take the skirt out of the stocking before it is completely dry (but ALMOST dry!) and let it finish drying on a skirt hanger.

Try this soft skirt look with your next chenille jacket or vest! You’ll love the result!

Best Regards,

  Experience the look and feel of Faux Chenille ®