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Mobility Aids for the Handicapped Product Catalog

Mobility Accessories for the Handicapped

Mobility aids can help handicapped people walk or move from place to place if they are disabled or have an injury. Mobility aids include crutches, canes, walkers, wheelchairs and motorized scooters. Handicapped people may need a walker or cane if they are at risk of falling. If a handicapped person needs to keep their body weight off their foot, ankle or knee, crutches will help. A wheelchair or a scooter may be needed if an injury or disease has left them unable to walk.

Mobility is one of the things that can help handicapped people to maintain their independence but some health problems can decrease mobility and safety. These products can give a handicapped person a helping hand when they need some help in maintaining mobility.

Shop online for Mobility Aids, gear and accessories for the handicapped including canes, crutches, walkers, scooters, wheelchairs and gerichairs.

1. Fleece Lined Hooded Poncho
Fleece lined poncho designed for wheelchair and scooter users.
Item No. AAD55006RB
2. Versa Crutch Pack
Roomy main zippered compartment large enough for personal items.
Item No. AAD57001
3. Walker Grip Wraps
Extra thick fleece covered walker hand grip covers.
Item No. AAD70003
4. Wheelchair Armrest Wraps
Soft, thick sheepskin like fleece that wraps around the wheelchair armrests.
Item No. AAD7100
5. SideKick Wheelchair Pouch
Attaches to the wheelchair armrest or beneath the seat.
Item No. AAD71001
6. Privacy Cover :: Catheter Bag Cover
Attaches securely to back of wheelchair or onto bed rail using Velcro-like hook and loop closures to discreetly conceal a catheter bag.
Item No. AAD71002
7. Jazz Wheelchair Backpack
Large capacity wheelchair backpack has a place for just about everything.
Item No. AAD71012
8. Panoramic Rear View Mirror
Widens your view to help reduce blind spots while driving.
Item No. AAI1007
9. AbleTripod® Walking Cane Base
Makes your walking cane self-standing, provides maximum stability and function to your cane.
Item No. ACI10
10. Penco Walker Glides
Helps you glide your walker across most floor surfaces.
Item No. ADM1031
11. Universal Carry-All Pouch with Pockets
Multiple handy storage compartments.
Item No. ADM1068
12. Universal Walker Carry All Pouch
Features a large single walker pouch.
Item No. ADM1069
13. Wheelchair Backpack
Wheelchair Backpack has large single compartment.
Item No. ADM1072
14. Fleece Wheelchair Armrest Pouches
Armrest pouch with the added comfort of Fleece.
Item No. ADM1076
15. Adjustable Folding Designer Canes
Decorative aluminum adjustable folding canes.
Item No. ADM1077
16. Fold Away Walker Tray
Clip-on walker tray folds out of the way when not in use.
Item No. ADM1084
17. Universal Cane Wrist Strap
Cane Wrist Strap fits most Canes.
Item No. ADM1366
18. Cane Holder
Spring Loaded Walking Cane Holder.
Item No. ADM1367
19. Offset Swing Clear Door Hinges
For doorways that are too narrow to fit a wheelchair through.
Item No. ADM6402
20. Fishing Pole Holder for Wheelchairs
Makes the fishing reel available for one-handed operation.
Item No. ADM706631
21. Universal Beverage Holder
Universal brackets mount horizontally or vertically and lock in desired angle.
Item No. ADM8188
22. EZ Glyder Walker Glides
Made of a long-lasting plastic material that can withstand many years of use.
Item No. AEG440
23. Handy Seat Walking Cane
For people who require either walking or resting assistance.
Item No. AHS001
24. Triple Loop Leg Lifter or Quad leg Lifter
Three loops provide forearm assisted leg positioning.
Item No. AKE31061
25. 5 Cleat Ice Pick for Canes and Crutches
Prevents a cane or crutch from slipping on snow-covered, slushy or icy surfaces.
Item No. AMI400
26. Blue Terry Walker & Crutch Hand Grips
Minimize hand discomfort when using a walker or crutch.
Item No. AMI403TB
27. Walker & Crutch Hand Pads
Minimize hand discomfort when using a walker or crutch.
Item No. AMI403TW
28. Deluxe Walker Basket
Basket has one large compartment, a coin or medication holder, and a round compartment for a glass, can or cup.
Item No. AMI406
29. No Wire Walker Basket
Built-in glass, can or cup holder, a smaller compartment for coins or medications and a trough for utensils.
Item No. AMI70317
30. Walker Bag Hook
Creates a convenient spot on a walker to hang a bag or purse.
Item No. AMI703205
31. Star Glide Walker Slides
Allow for easier movement of the walker.
Item No. AMI70323
32. Clip Cane Holder
Simply snap one side of the clip onto any tubular structure.
Item No. AMI70325
33. Magnetic Cane Holder
Allows a cane to be attached to any metal surface.
Item No. AMI70328
34. Wheelchair Brake Lever Extension
Wheelchair brake lever extensions provide increased leverage.
Item No. AMI8877
35. INGRID Cane Holder :: Walking Cane Holder
Hang your walking cane or crutch on chairs, shopping carts, tables, counter tops, etc.
Item No. ASG257465
36. Ingrid Classic Cane/Crutch Tip - Medium
Provides for an excellent grip both indoors and outdoors.
Item No. ASG257801
37. INGRID Cane or Crutch Tip with Retractable Spike - Medium
Retractable Spike provides a firm grip on snow, ice and most other outdoor surfaces.
Item No. ASG257832
38. Ingrid Classic Cane/Crutch Tip - Large
Provides for an excellent grip both indoors and outdoors.
Item No. ASG257901
39. INGRID Cane or Crutch Tip with Retractable Spike - Large
Retractable Spike provides a firm grip on snow, ice and most other outdoor surfaces.
Item No. ASG257905
40. INGRID Cane or Crutch Tip with Retractable Spike - Small
Retractable Spike provides a firm grip on snow, ice and most other outdoor surfaces.
Item No. ASG337831
41. Ingrid Classic Cane/Crutch Tip - Small
Provides for an excellent grip both indoors and outdoors.
Item No. ASG357808
42. Double-Sided Quilted Walker Bags
Carry personal items while using your walker.
Item No. ASN401
43. Easyglide Walker Tips
Tips simply fit over the rubber tips on the back legs of a walker.
Item No. ASN411
44. Crutch Mate Gel Arm Pads
Glycerin gel provides unmatched arm padding for crutches.
Item No. ASPC7333
45. Crutch Mate Gel Hand Pads
Especially useful for individuals who utilize crutches for longer periods.
Item No. ASPC7334
46. Crutch Mate Gel Forearm Pads
Gel forearm pads provide long lasting comfort.
Item No. ASPC7335
47. Security Pole & Grab Bar
Pivoting Curve Grab Bar can be positioned where it is most needed.
Item No. AST1100
48. Assist-A-Tray :: Lap Tray & Standing Aid
Provides a convenient lap tray that swivels 360 degrees.
Item No. AST2050
49. Swivel Tray for the Couch Cane
Allows you to upgrade your Couch Cane to an Assist-A-Tray.
Item No. AST2055
50. Furniture Risers
Provides an alternative to a lift chair.
Item No. AST2090
51. Metro Walker :: Portable Folding Travel Walker
Compact, foldable, portable, easy to open and close.
Item No. AST4100
52. Metro Walker Replacement Wheels
Helps maneuver Metro Walker over all surfaces.
Item No. AST4101
53. Metro Walker Ski Glides
Helps to stabilize the Metro Walker and glide over most surfaces.
Item No. AST4102
54. Couch Cane
Couch Cane helps you get up or stand up from a couch, large chair or recliner.
Item No. AST412
55. Bed Cane
Helps make getting in and out of bed easier.
Item No. AST413
56. Car Caddie
Offers you a helping hand getting in or out of a car.
Item No. AST415
57. BedCaddie
Provides help when sitting up in bed.
Item No. AST417
58. Bed Rail Advantage
Offers a helping hand to a sitting position in bed.
Item No. AST422
59. EZ Adjustable Bed Rail
Adjustable length allows for use as both a bed rail or hand rail.
Item No. AST4333
60. Adjustable Folding Cane
Comfortable Ergonomic Style Handle.
Item No. AWM402
61. Akton Polymer Adaptive Flat Pad 1/2 inch
Pads can be cut and used for spot protection.
Item No. CAC
62. Professional Cushion with Basic Cover
Professional Gel Polymer Wheelchair Seat Cushion.
Item No. CAC510
63. Centurian Cushion with Basic Cover
Medium weight wheelchair seat cushion.
Item No. CAC520
64. Akton Polymer Adaptive Flat Pad 5/8 inch
For traditional and non-traditional seating challenges.
Item No. CAC53
65. Akton Polymer Adaptive Flat Pad 1/4 inch
Gel Polymer Seat Cushions.
Item No. CAC561818
66. Wheelchair Lap Tray Pad
Protects arms and elbows against developing pressure ulcerations or bruises.
Item No. CAC6808
67. Commuter Seat Cushion with Basic Cover
For low risk wheelchair users at an affordable price.
Item No. CAC85
68. Pilot Flotation Pad with Basic Cover
A low profile cushion that provides exceptional pressure relief.
Item No. CAC9
69. Shear Smart Pad with Shear Smart Cover
Significantly reduces the effects of shear while providing superb user comfort.
Item No. CACCG
70. Akton Polymer Adaptive Cube Pad
Can be adapted for use on backs.
Item No. CACCU
71. HANDI-CARD :: Handicap Permit Visor Display
Makes it convenient for the handicapped person to comply with displaying the permit.
Item No. CAE400
72. Turn Easy Transfer Disc
The rotating pivot disk provides a smooth, controlled motion.
Item No. CAM80833
73. Beasy Transfer Boards
Gliding seat makes transfers easier.
Item No. CBE1
74. Crutch Tote
Strap this clever pouch to your crutches, and you have an instant, hands-free carry bag. Its two roomy pockets hold an amazing range of necessities.
Item No. CCT100
75. Wheelchair Cane Carrier
Allows walking canes to be stored on back of wheelchairs.
Item No. CD
76. Crutch Holder for Wheelchairs or Scooters
For carrying forearm or underarm type crutches.
Item No. CDC
77. Cup Holders
Slotted openings for mug handles.
Item No. CDCA
78. Standard Wheelchair Seatback Bag
Zippered top keeps your belongings secure.
Item No. CDCB1111
79. Side Access Bag
Has a zipper on top and both sides for easier access.
Item No. CDCB1112
80. Monster Wheelchair Bag
Fits both wheelchairs and scooters.
Item No. CDCB1113
81. Mid Range Seatback Bag
Offers a zipper pocket and an open mesh pocket for additional storage.
Item No. CDCB1117
82. Deluxe Wheelchair Seatback Bag
Our most popular bag!
Item No. CDCB1121
83. Standard Saddle Armrest Bag
Large single pocket bag that mounts to most any armrest.
Item No. CDCB2111
84. Wheelchair Front Armrest Bag
Provides plenty of storage room.
Item No. CDCB2112
85. Armrest Pocket Bag
Small sized does not interfere with rear wheels.
Item No. CDCB2113
86. Deluxe Wheelchair Saddle Armrest Bag
Large convenient storage area with zippered interior pocket.
Item No. CDCB2121
87. Extra Large Saddle Armrest Bag
The Extra Large Saddle Armrest Bag features front zippered pocket, front mesh pocket, interior pocket, side loops, side mesh pockets, and "hidden pocket".
Item No. CDCB2131
88. Glove Box Under Seat Bag
Ideal for storing valuable and personal items out-of-sight!
Item No. CDCB32
89. Down-in-Front Under Seat Wheelchair Bag
A single pocket bag that mounts around the framework of your wheelchair.
Item No. CDCB3311
90. Cargo Shelf Under Seat Bag
Designed so items will not fall out the back.
Item No. CDCB3312
91. Standard Scooter Tiller Bag
Mounts to Scooter tiller handles for easy, convenient storage.
Item No. CDCB4211
92. Deluxe Scooter Tiller Bag
Includes front zippered pocket, front mesh pocket, side pocket and inside pocket.
Item No. CDCB4221
93. Soft Basket for Scooter Tillers
Ideal for people who do not feel safe putting their items in a wire basket.
Item No. CDCB4231
94. Scooter Tiller Basket Liner
Fits inside your scooter tiller basket.
Item No. CDCB4241
95. Standard Walker Side Bag
Attaches to side of walker for storing small items.
Item No. CDCB5411
96. Large Front Walker Bag
Easily attaches to the front of a walker.
Item No. CDCB5412
97. Deluxe Walker Side Bag
Six separate storage areas to store belongings.
Item No. CDCB5421
98. E Size Oxygen Tank Holder
For carrying E size oxygen tanks and smaller size tanks.
Item No. CDCB6
99. Walker Holder for Scooters
Carry basic style walkers.
Item No. CDCB6214
100. Folding Wheelchair Safety Flag
Increases your visibility.
Item No. CDCF1100
101. Wheelchair Weather Chaps
Fits snugly around your lower body, keeping you dry.
Item No. CDCV
102. Scooter Tiller Cover Regular
Helps protect scooter controls from moisture.
Item No. CDCV2100
103. Joystick Cover
Slips over the joystick to protect it from moisture.
Item No. CDCV2200
104. Diestco Scooter Tiller Small Cover
Protects your scooter controls from unwanted water damage.
Item No. CDCV2300
105. Deluxe Swivel Seat Cushion
Getting in and out of a car becomes much easier.
Item No. CDM1994
106. Freedom Non Skid Cup Holders
Patented non skid vacuum system. It Won't Move!
Item No. CFP1
107. Folding Wheelchair Cup Holder
Clamp attaches to round or square tubing wheelchair or walker frames!
Item No. CFP181
108. Large Diameter Drinking Straw Holder
Helps hold straw at the correct angle for hands free drinking.
109. In-Step LaserCane
Provides a safe, obstacle-free visual cue, to enable Parkinson’s patients.
Item No. CIS001
110. Patriot Leg Lifter
Assist you in moving a weak or casted leg.
Item No. CKE31035
111. Leg Lifter
Helps lift a weak or casted leg.
Item No. CKE31055
112. Economy Gait Belts
Help provide assistance for individuals when walking, standing, or sitting.
Item No. CKE80
113. Oxygen Tank Holders
Choose from Large Holder for both D and E size tanks, or Small Holder for M6 or 3.25 diameter tanks.
Item No. CKE802
114. Awesome Grip Wheelchair Hand Rim Covers
Provides a larger softer gripping surface for wheelchair rims.
Item No. CKE811
115. Kiss My Back :: Mesh Back Support
Mesh back support for chairs helps provide your back with the ergonomic support it needs.
Item No. CKMB32850
116. Ultra Slick Transfer Board
Dramatically reduces the effort required to transfer.
Item No. CME
117. Wheelchair Amputee Board
Provides maximum support to the affected limb.
Item No. CME1
118. Hemi Arm Positioner
Provides a padded secure platform to support and protect the arm and shoulder.
119. Padded Half Lap Board
Provides comfort and support for your arms.
120. Lightweight Plastic Transfer Board
Provides a smooth rigid transfer surface between level surfaces.
Item No. CMI220
121. Printed Quilted Crutch Bag
Provides convenient storage for your personal items while maneuvering with crutches.
Item No. CMI429
122. Quilted Walker Tote Bag
Convenient storage space for your walker.
Item No. CMI430
123. Leg Loop Leg Lift
Foot loop stays conformed to the shape of the foot for a secure and comfortable grip.
Item No. CMI704171
124. Leg Wrap Positioning Aid
Assists in repositioning the leg and transferring to or from a bed, chair, sofa, wheelchair or toilet seat.
Item No. CMI70418
125. Wheelchair Carry-All Backpack
Generously sized wheelchair carry-all.
Item No. CMI70616
126. Drink Holder
Holds a drink securely on wheelchair frame, bed rails or other tubular frames.
Item No. CMI70622
127. Large SafetySure Transfer Slide
Big enough to provide an under-surface from head to toe.
Item No. CMT103
128. Medium SafetySure Transfer Slide
Used to move, turn or transfer of a mobility impaired person.
Item No. CMT123
129. The Transfer Handle Bed Rail
Enables people to get in and out of bed safely.
Item No. CMT20
130. Small SafetySure Transfer Slide
Useful for small transfers, repositioning and moving from bed to wheelchair.
Item No. CMT203
131. SafetySure Transfer Sling
Used to assist in patient transfers.
Item No. CMT3011
132. SafetySure Transfer Board
Bridges the gap between two transfer points.
Item No. CMT5
133. SafetySure Butterfly Transfer Board
Raised back to help keep the user from sliding off the board.
Item No. CMT50
134. Freedom Grip Transfer Handle
Offers an economy solution for the person who needs a helping hand getting out of bed.
Item No. CMT501
135. Freedom Grip Plus Bed Transfer Handle
Helps improve in-bed transfer mobility, assists with standing and balancing.
Item No. CMT502
136. SafetySure Transfer Pivot Disc
Designed for use by people who are able to stand but cannot readily move their legs.
Item No. CMT508
137. SafetySure Sherpa Lined Transfer Belt
Assists in the safe transfer of patients.
Item No. CMT60
138. SafetySure Padded Transfer Belt
Great for helping a patient to get up or sit down
Item No. CMT603
139. SafetySure Mary's Aide Transfer Sling
Provides caregivers with a secure hold and control during patient transfers.
Item No. CMT6045
140. Auto Swivel Seat Cushion
Helps to reduce pain on the back, hips and knees when getting out of a car.
Item No. CMT96312
141. AutoMobility Solution :: Handybar & Swivel Seat Cushion
Helps make it easier to get in and out of your car.
Item No. CMT96313
142. Auto Handy Bar Transfer Aid
Help make getting in and out of your car easier.
Item No. CMT96314
143. Car Ease Slide
Slick inner surface makes getting in and out of a car seat effortless.
Item No. CMT978
144. UP Lift Seat Assist
Raises or lowers to or from most any chair.
Item No. CNC82016
145. Handicapped Placard Hanger
Fastens your handicap placard safely and securely to the neck of your rear-view mirror.
Item No. CPH401
146. Fire Resistant Smoker's Apron
Shields against hot ashes and dropped cigarettes.
Item No. CPO455
147. Posey Deluxe Wheelchair Lateral Arm Support
The wheelchair arm support prevents leaning and provides a comfortable arm rest.
Item No. CPO6320
148. Posey Wheelchair Wing Backs
Wheelchair Wing Backs provide firm upper body support.
Item No. CPO6321
149. Posey Wheelchair Side Supports
Provides upper torso support.
Item No. CPO6322
150. Posey Leg and Foot Hugger
Provides proper leg positioning to increase comfort.
Item No. CPO635
151. Posey Leg Hugger
Helps prevent feet from slipping off wheelchair footrests.
Item No. CPO6355
152. Soft Wheelchair Seat and Back
Luxurious, synthetic fur padding.
Item No. CPO6392
153. Soft Wheelchair Armrest Pads
Keeps skin from sticking to vinyl seats and backs.
Item No. CPO6394
154. Wheelchair Comfy Seat
Soft, fiber-filled wheelchair cushion.
Item No. CPO6526
155. Geri Chair Comfy Seat
Adds seating comfort and helps prevent skin breakdown.
Item No. CPO6526G
156. Posey Gait Belts
Provide assistance for individuals when walking, standing, or sitting.
Item No. CPO6527
157. Posey Six Handled Gait Belt
Help prevent back injuries when lifting patients!
Item No. CPO653
158. Posey Deluxe Transfer and Walking Belts
Ideal for transferring larger patients.
Item No. CPO6537
159. Posey Transport Belt
Provide additional leverage when transferring or moving a patient.
Item No. CPO6551
160. Wander Alarm with Motion Detector
Detects movement of a person in a bed, chair, room or doorway.
Item No. CSG3939
161. Wireless Wander Door Alarm
Alerts caregivers or staff when a family member, resident or patient attempts to leave a room or window, or wanders into an unsupervised area.
Item No. CSG5959
162. Wireless Personal Pager
Allows you to summon help without having to yell.
Item No. CSG6969
163. Wheelchair Rear Anti Tippers
Helps prevent wheelchairs from tipping backward.
Item No. CSM008
164. Wheelchair Front Anti Tippers
Helps prevent wheelchairs from tipping forward.
Item No. CSM011
165. Wheelchair Anti Rollback Device
Prevents a wheelchair from rolling backward.
Item No. CSM22
166. Transfer Sling and Gait Belt
Combination gait belt and transfer sling.
Item No. CSN400
167. The Casbar
Makes most any wheelchair easier to push and handle.
Item No. CTC3
168. Clear Wheelchair Work Tray
Clear plastic makes this tray more attractive and discreet than traditional lap trays.
Item No. CTC31155
169. Ball Glides for Walkers
Works on any standard walker with 1 inch tubing.
Item No. CTC31917
170. Flip Away Wheelchair Armrest Tray
Premium wheelchair armrest half tray with pre-installed bracket that flips tray up and out of the way.
Item No. CTC4130
171. Clear Flip Away Wheelchair Tray
Provides a clear line of sight to lap and legs.
Item No. CTC4131
172. Crutcheze Underarm Crutch Bag
Bag designed to attach at the underarm or hand grip of an underarm crutch.
Item No. MCE050S
173. Cane Expressions Cane Covers
Dress up old and unadorned canes with stylish stretchy pull-on cane sleeves.
Item No. MCE410
174. D Size Oxygen Holder for Walkers
Helps you maneuver an oxygen tank and a rolling walker at the same time.
Item No. MCS1100D
175. E Size Walker Oxygen Tank Holder
Helps users regain their confidence and independence to move about as needed.
Item No. MCS1100E
176. Cane Stay
Helps keep your cane from slipping or falling.
Item No. MCS400
177. Manual Wheelchair Cover
All weather cover for manual wheelchairs.
Item No. MDV1200
178. Power Chair Covers
Helps protect a power wheelchair from the weather during carrier transportation.
Item No. MDV13
179. 2 piece Scooter Seat and Tiller Cover Set
Provides protection from the elements.
Item No. MDV2110
180. Sleeve Guards
Helps protect shirt sleeves, jackets, and skin against moisture and dirt.
Item No. MDV4000
181. Universal Crutch Carry On
Helps keep essential items handy without interfering with mobility.
Item No. MEZ015
182. EZ Access Scooter Pack
Helps store and transport personal items securely.
Item No. MEZ122
183. EZ - Access 2 ft Suitcase Ramp Signature SS2
Helps make the maneuverability of wheelchairs or scooters much easier.
Item No. MEZ200
184. EZ Access Wheelchair Pack
Helps store personal belongings.
Item No. MEZ200BK
185. EZ - Access 3 ft Suitcase Ramp Signature SS3
Helps make the maneuverability of wheelchairs or scooters much easier.
Item No. MEZ300
186. EZ - Access 4 ft Suitcase Ramp Signature SS4
Helps make the maneuverability of wheelchairs or scooters much easier.
Item No. MEZ400
187. EZ - Access 5 ft Suitcase Ramp Signature SS5
Helps make the maneuverability of wheelchairs or scooters much easier.
Item No. MEZ500
188. EZ - Access 6 ft Suitcase Ramp Signature SS6
Helps make the maneuverability of wheelchairs or scooters much easier.
Item No. MEZ600
189. EZ - Access 7 ft Suitcase Ramp Signature SS7
Helps make the maneuverability of wheelchairs or scooters much easier.
Item No. MEZ700
190. EZ - Access 8 ft Suitcase Ramp Signature SS8
Helps make the maneuverability of wheelchairs or scooters much easier.
Item No. MEZ800
191. Granny Jo Wheelchair, Walker or Scooter Bag
16" by 9" bag featuring outside pocket with zippered compartment for cell phone and interior slots for credit cards & ID.
Item No. MGJ0701
192. Granny Jo Fleece Wheelchair Poncho
Just the thing to put on quickly when feeling a chill.
Item No. MGJ080
193. Walker Caddy :: Walker Tray
Carry a variety of personal items, even drinks and meals safely and independently on your walker.
Item No. MJB5770
194. Pendulator Universal Cup Holder
Keeps your beverage in the upright position and helps reduce spills!
Item No. MMI400
195. See 4 Safety Mobility Light
Hands free automatic safety light for walkers, canes or rollators.
Item No. MNP400
196. Penco Walkerballs
Helps glide your walker easily across most surfaces.
Item No. MPM40
197. Gel Crutch Top Covers
Designed for the ultimate in crutch comfort and skin protection!
Item No. MSR401
198. Gel Crutch Handle Covers
Crutch Handle Covers attach right on top of the existing foam or rubber hand grips.
Item No. MSR402
199. Gel ForeArm Crutch Handle Covers
Attach over the existing foam or rubber crutch hand grips.
Item No. MSR403
200. Gel Walker Handle Covers
Fit over the side tubes of all brands of traditional walkers.
Item No. MSR404
201. Gel Rollator Handle Covers
Zip on over the open end of the Rollator grip and on top of the existing handle.
Item No. MSR405
202. Gel Wraps for Swing Away Wheelchair Footrests
Helps protect user's legs from cold, hard metal wheelchair leg-rests.
Item No. MSR406
203. Recliner Riser
Helps make standing or sitting easier.
Item No. MST2096
204. Bedside Econorail
Helps make transfer in and out of bed easy.
Item No. MST5100
205. Stable Rail
Helps provide extra stability when standing up.
Item No. MST5800
206. 30 Inch Safety Bed Rail
Helps prevent falling out of bed and can be used for assistance to sit up in bed.
Item No. MST8050
207. 30 Inch Safety Bed Rail with Padded Pouch
Helps prevent the user from falling out of bed and can be used as a hand rail.
Item No. MST8051
208. Easy to Use Walker Coasters
Helps move your walker in all directions.
Item No. MEU473
209. Little Boost Platform
Safe alternative to a lift chair.
Item No. LBP450
210. SuperPole System
Secure and safe grab bar to aid in standing.
Item No. CHP430
211. SuperPole System with SuperBar
Provides complete support for standing, stepping or transferring.
Item No. CHP431
212. SuperPole Uni-fit Extender
Increases floor to ceiling range for the SuperPole by 20 inches.
Item No. CHP432
All prices in US Dollars

Wheelchair Cane Carrier
Only $24.95
Stop Holding Your Walking Cane!

30 Inch Safety Bed Rail with Padded Pouch
Only $129.95
On SALE for only $112.95
Helps prevent the user from falling out of bed and can be used as a hand rail.

Quilted Walker Tote Bag
Only $25.95
Convenient storage space for your walker.

Little Boost Platform
Only $154.95
Safe alternative to a lift chair.

See 4 Safety Mobility Light
Only $19.95
Hands free automatic safety light for walkers, canes or rollators.

Penco Walkerballs
Only $7.95
On SALE for only $6.95
Helps glide your walker easily across most surfaces.

Easy to Use Walker Coasters
Only $9.95
Helps move your walker in all directions.

Printed Quilted Crutch Bag
Only $13.95
Provides convenient storage for your personal items while maneuvering with crutches.

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