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Convention Edition Magazine Advertising Form for MERCHANTS & PRIMARY BUYER MEMBERS ONLY!

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Art Requirements
Camera-Ready Art Requirements: We can accept camera-ready art on a disk to the correct size of the ad requested, 4C or b&w. Preprinted color screened ads are not acceptable. Disks acceptable should be CD-Rom or DVD. Artwork must be saved as a PDF, EPS, TIF, or JPG. Quark 6.5, Illustrator 10 or Photoshop 7 documents are acceptable. Include or embed all fonts and all supporting art, photos and logos. Line Screen: 300 DPI. Art and/or questions may also be emailed directly to: If by mail: J. Escue, 3719 Brunswick, Memphis, TN 38133, 901.299.5436. Camera Ready Deadline is March 23. Custom written ad submission is due by March 23 (add $50 design fee, you will be emailed proof for approval). Don't forget to include ad materials!

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Full pg, ad (7.5" x 9.875")      $150.00
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Third pg. ad (3.7" x 7.375")      $50.00
Fourth pg. ad (3.7" x 4.875")      $35.00
Calling Card      $25.00

Would you like to submit a job listing, honorarium, gossip column or a moment in history?
Job Listing      $25.00
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