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Arthritis Handicap Products Catalog

We specialize in Arthritis Handicap Treatment and Bursitis Treatment Supplies that make living with an arthritis handicap easier. We have searched for the best arthritis handicap products, disability aids, assistive devices, therapy supplies, senior products, and handicapped aids that make living with an arthritis handicap easier.
Adaptive Silverware, Tableware and Utensils
Bathing, Dressing and Toileting Aids
Door Knob Grips, Key Holders, Writing Aids and Reachers
Standing Aids and Mobility Accessories
Joint Supports, Heat Packs, Gel Cushions and Pillows
Arthritis Products Catalog
1. MED-E-LERT Electronic Pill Reminder & Dispenser
Electronic Pill Reminder and Dispenser.
Item No. AAF174250
2. MED-E-LERT Electronic Pill Reminder & Dispenser with Solid Cover
Helps to ensure that medications are taken properly and on time.
Item No. AAF174250S
3. The Quick Desk
A comfortable work surface to write on when at home or on the road.
Item No. AAI005
4. Panoramic Rear View Mirror
Widens your view to help reduce blind spots while driving.
Item No. AAI1007
5. Spoon and Fork Holders
Slips on most standard eating utensils with ease
Item No. AAM137
6. Bath Kit
Helps make cleaning your feet much easier!
Item No. AAM200
7. Rainbow Reacher
Perfect for reaching into nooks and crannies, grabbing things you can't quite reach.
Item No. AAM3000
8. Hand Key-Per Multi-Purpose Household Opener
Great multi-purpose household tool
Item No. AAM310
9. Benefit Plus Triple Head Toothbrush - Discontinued
Cleans all sides of each tooth with every stroke
Item No. ABC213
10. Benefit 3D Clean Toothbrush
Helps you brush your teeth right every time almost automatically.
Item No. ABC230
11. Benefit 3D Clean Toothbrush Junior
Helps kids clean all tooth surfaces easily.
Item No. ABC231
12. MediBeads Standard Pad
Great for Arthritis Sufferers.
Item No. ABH34115
13. MediBeads King Pad
Delivers immediate pain relieving moist heat therapy!
Item No. ABH34125
14. MediBeads Neck Rest
Moist heat wrap delivers immediate neck pain relief.
Item No. ABH34130
15. Medibeads Compress
Designed to drape comfortably around the neck and shoulders to relieve tension and stress.
Item No. ABH34150
16. MediBeads Sinus Wrap
Applied directly to the sinus area.
Item No. ABH34315
17. MediBeads Neck Wrap
Provides soothing moist heat to the neck.
Item No. ABH34325
18. MediBeads Therapy Wrap
Microwave Activated Moist Heat Wraps. Bacteria and odor-free wrap.
Item No. ABH34345
19. MediBeads Compress Wrap
Wrap drapes over the shoulder, neck, head, back or hips to relieve pain anywhere it strikes.
Item No. ABH34350
20. MediBeads Hand Wrap
Provides heat therapy for arthritic hands.
Item No. ABH34515
21. MediBeads Carpal Cuff
Helps prevent and treat repetitive motion injury.
Item No. ABH34520
22. MediBeads Joint Wrap
Excellent joint wrap value.
Item No. ABH34535
23. MediBeads Foot Wrap:: Hot or Cold Therapy
Designed to provide hot or cold therapy to tired, aching ankles and feet.
Item No. ABH34570
24. Heat Therapy Pain Relief Spray
Quick, deep-penetrating relief from arthritis pain, joint stiffness and muscle aches.
Item No. ABH46004
25. Coilers Elastic Shoelaces
Ideal for anyone finding it difficult to bend over to put on shoes.
Item No. ACI201
26. Alligetter :: Grabber with LED Light
Perfect for whenever you need a light and grabber all in one.
Item No. ACS300
27. Easy Grip Nail Clippers
Designed for stiff or arthritic hands
Item No. AD8220
28. Easy Grip Toenail Clippers
Specially designed for stiff or arthritic hands.
Item No. AD8230
29. Easy Grip Foot Smoother
Longer handle and curved shape makes it easy to reach every part of the foot with less bending and reaching.
Item No. AD8235
30. Easy Grip Slant Tip Tweezers
Specially designed tweezers for stiff or arthritic hands
Item No. AD8240
31. Easy Grip Point Tip Tweezers
Designed for stiff or arthritic hands
Item No. AD8241
32. Good Grips Long Handle Broom and Dustpan Set
Ergonomically designed Good Grips rubber handles.
Item No. ADB37081
33. DuoGlide Paring Knife
Extra-wide blade that will easily cut through most any material.
Item No. ADD40003
34. DuoGlide Utility Knife
Ideal for slicing, dicing, and chopping parsley, vegetables, fruit, and other ingredients.
Item No. ADD40013
35. DuoGlide Bread/Slicer Knife
Provides an easy, safe, and comfortable way to slice sandwiches, bread, tomatoes and other vegetables as well as fruits.
Item No. ADD40023
36. DuoGlide Chef’s Knife
8 Inch All-Purpose Chef’s Knife offers reduced wrist, arm and hand discomfort.
Item No. ADD40033
37. Penco Walker Glides
Helps glide your walker easily over slight elevation changes.
Item No. ADM1031
38. Universal Carry-All Pouch with Pockets
Keep the things you need in this pouch for wheelchairs and walkers.
Item No. ADM1068
39. Carry-All Pouch
Attaches to Walker, Wheelchair, or Bedrail
Item No. ADM1069
40. Wheelchair Backpack
Features multiple handle storage compartments.
Item No. ADM1072
41. Fleece Armrest Pouches
Offers comfort plus a convenient storage compartment.
Item No. ADM1076
42. Lightweight Adjustable Folding Designer Canes
Conveniently folds into a compact size to fit in a purse or carrying case.
Item No. ADM1077
43. Padded Raised Toilet Seat
Foam padding for maximum comfort and helps minimize pressure points.
Item No. ADM124
44. Universal Cane Wrist Strap
Helps keep your cane at your side.
Item No. ADM1366
45. Cane Holder
Holds your cane upright
Item No. ADM1367
46. Ergonomic Reacher with Rotating Claw
Great for those hard to reach places.
Item No. ADM177
47. Crescent Pillow Mate
Helps reduce arthritis discomfort.
Item No. ADM500
48. Fishing Rod Holder for Wheelchairs
Makes the fishing reel available for one-handed operation.
Item No. ADM706631
49. Rest Mate Bed Wedge
Designed to provide upper body support while lying on back or side.
Item No. ADM7920
50. Universal Beverage Holder
Ideal for walkers and wheelchairs.
Item No. ADM8188
51. Medium Shopping Cart with Wheels
Ideal for carrying groceries or laundry and all other utility purposes.
Item No. ADM821313
52. Jumbo Folding Shopping Cart with Wheels
Easy to assemble.
Item No. ADM821315
53. Super Folding Shopping Cart with Wheels
Folds flat for storage.
Item No. ADM821320
54. Mini Folding Shopping Cart with Wheels
Exceptional high quality and durable 4 wheel compact foldable shopping cart.
Item No. ADM82139
55. Jumbo Liner for Folding Shopping Carts
Hooded Liner can be removed from the Folding Shopping Cart and be used as a carrying tote.
Item No. ADM8213JL
56. Mini Liner for Mini Shopping Cart
Liner can be removed from the Mini Folding Shopping Cart and used as a carrying tote.
Item No. ADM8213ML
57. Hands Free Card Holders
Free standing on tabletop or to fit comfortably in your hand.
Item No. ADM8258
58. EZGrip Pen Grips
The rubber pen, pencil grips can be attached to or can replace existing grips on any pen, pencil or pencil-like tool for ease of use.
Item No. ADT71120
59. EzGrip ResQ Gel Ergonomic Pen
Helps neutralizes hand difficulties due to arthritis immediately.
Item No. ADT82101
60. Chair Aerobics for Everyone - Bed Exercises DVD
Bed exercises include a combination of stretches, light resistance training and meditation.
Item No. AEG0434
61. EZ Glyder Walker Glides
Made of a long-lasting plastic material that can withstand many years of use.
Item No. AEG440
62. Chair Aerobics for Everyone - Chair Yoga DVD
Seated Yoga workout that focuses on breathing, gentle stretches and easy to perform yoga positions.
Item No. AEG4441
63. Chair Aerobics for Everyone - Chair Tai Chi DVD
Consists of a series of gentle, slow flowing movements that will help tone and firm muscles without strain.
Item No. AEG6212
64. Original Chair Aerobics for Everyone DVD
Safe effective, low impact workout good for all fitness levels.
Item No. AEG6943
65. Easy Opener
Opens bottle caps, pull tabs, and box tops easily.
Item No. AEN11
66. EZ Key Turner
Open Hard to Turn Locks with Less Hand and Wrist Pain
Item No. AEN15
67. Carex Enablers Jar Opener and Closer
Ideal for those with weak, arthritic or injured hands
Item No. AEN17
68. Door Knob Gripper
Slips over the existing knob.
Item No. AEN19
69. Pen and Pencil Cushions
Provides a larger gripping surface and cushions grip.
Item No. AEN21
70. Lamp Switch Enlarger
Fits over the existing lamp switch.
Item No. AEN23
71. Enablers Dexterity Kit
Helps decrease joint pain and enhance hand function.
Item No. AEN370
72. Weekly Pill Turtle Organizer XL with Reminder Alarm
Offers the added feature of a reminder alarm to help people take their medicine on time.
Item No. AEN70088
73. Evo Pens Package of 2
Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation and is recommended by hand and occupational therapists.
Item No. AEP
74. EZreadIT :: Book Holder
It holds a book, so you don't have to.
Item No. AER300
75. EZ Reachers
Provides a powerful and secure grip with delicate sensitivity.
Item No. AEZ
76. Dress EZ Dressing Aid
Combines two dressing aids in one: dressing stick and long handled shoe horn.
Item No. AEZ200
77. EZ Reacher Wrist Support
Provides optional wrist support for all EZ Reachers.
Item No. AEZ350
78. EZ PowerCuff
Helps your EZ reacher grab and hold heavy objects.
Item No. AEZ7818
79. 26 inch EZ Reacher
Provides a powerful and secure grip with delicate sensitivity.
Item No. AEZ79
80. A Fitness Experience
Helps improve strength and prevent falls.
Item No. AFE308
81. Swedish Fork Knife
Avoids excessive wrist strain and pain
Item No. AGA903
82. Swedish Bread Knife
Keeps the arm, wrist and hand in a neutral and relaxed working position
Item No. AGA908
83. Gripeaze Comfort Handles - Discontinued
Great for anyone who needs a little bigger grip due to weak hands.
Item No. AGC350
84. Great Grips - Two Lever Doorknob Grippers
Designed to provide extra leverage and grip for individuals with arthritis or other hand conditions that cause grip weakness.
Item No. AGG200
85. Great Grips Faucet Grips
Make turning the water on and off an effortless task for people with arthritis.
Item No. AGG300f
86. Handi Bracelet :: Helps Fasten Clasp Bracelets
Effortlessly fasten all of your lobster claw and toggle clasp bracelets by yourself.
Item No. AHP100
87. Handy Seat Rest Cane
Allows you to rest when needed or can be used as a walking cane.
Item No. AHS001
88. Neo Bird Writing Pen
Great relief for people with arthritis or hand ailments or injuries.
Item No. AIS300
89. Maddox Professional Helper Knife
Rocker knife designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities, arthritis or use of only one hand.
Item No. AIT100
90. Blue PocketDresser :: Buttonhook, zipper pull, and button aid.
Folding combination button-hook, zipper pull, and button aid.
Item No. AIT200
91. Red PocketDresser :: Button Hook, zipper pull, and button aid.
Folding combination button-hook, zipper pull, and button aid.
Item No. AIT300
92. 100 Questions & Answers About Arthritis
Authoritative, practical answers to 100 of the most common questions asked by arthritis patients.
Item No. AJB0511
93. Weed Grabber
Long handled weed puller.
Item No. AJB3741
94. Roll On Lotion Applicator
19 rolling balls soothe and invigorate as they massage in the liquid evenly.
Item No. AJB3747
95. Arthritis Therapy Gloves
Help to relieve the pain associated with arthritis.
Item No. AJB422
96. Adjustable Height Hair Dryer Stand
Telescoping neck adjusts to any height up to 36".
Item No. AJB4233
97. Comfort Wipe :: Long Reach Toilet Aid
Extends your reach 15-3/4 inches for better cleaning when reaching is difficult.
Item No. AJB5231
98. Bathtub Steps
Helps make getting in and out of the bathtub easier.
Item No. AJB5539
99. Weed Roller :: Herbicide Applicator
Goes exactly where you roll it without affecting surrounding plants.
Item No. AJB5582
100. Stickey Cup :: No Spill Drink Holder
Eliminate Spills! Super secure holder for cups, cans, bottles.
Item No. AJC15
101. Flexible Finger Control Grips
Helps provide better grip control when using small hand tools.
Item No. AJF77
102. Knee Angel Leg Support Pillow
Eliminates pressure on knees, hips, and the lower back, restoring natural alignment.
Item No. AKA500
103. T Handle Mug
T Handle Mug accommodates a variety of grasping patterns.
Item No. AKE16017
104. Easy Reach Seat Belt Handle
For individuals who have trouble reaching for the seat belt in their car.
Item No. AKE21100
105. Economy Button and Zipper Aid
Ideal for Arthritic Hands!
Item No. AKE30005
106. Rubber Grip Button and Zipper Aid
Makes dressing easier for those with arthritic pain!
Item No. AKE30015
107. Texture Grip Button Aid and Zipper Aid
Helps arthritic hands zip and button with less pain!!
Item No. AKE30024
108. Triple Loop Leg Lifter
Allows the arms to be used to help lift a weak or arthritic leg.
Item No. AKE31061
109. Lace-Amatic
Allows users to slip on their shoe and tighten it up without retying a bow every time.
Item No. AKE31581
110. Deluxe Sock Aid with Foam Handles
Foam Handles provide a large diameter gripping surface for those with limited grasp due to arthritis.
Item No. AKE32017
111. Soft Handle Shoehorn
Built-up handles make this metal shoehorn easier to grasp for persons suffering from arthritis.
Item No. AKE330
112. Stainless Steel Shoehorn 24 inch
Extra strong stainless steel with vinyl hand grip.
Item No. AKE33002
113. Easy Slider Long Shoehorn
Easy to grasp textured handle
Item No. AKE3302
114. Telescopic Shoehorn
Small compact size fits in your suit case, and folds out to be the length you need to put on your shoe.
Item No. AKE33044
115. Basic Hip Kit with Ergo Plus Reacher
Ideal for those recovering from Hip Replacement.
Item No. AKE3700
116. Extension Handle for Razors
Helps eliminate painful bending and reaching when shaving.
Item No. AKE92023
117. Rocking T Knife
Great Knife for Arthritic Hands!
Item No. AKT10
118. Peeling Plate
Helps make one-handed peeling easy.
Item No. AKT110
119. Veggie and Fruit Peeler
Peel Veggies and Fruit with Just One Hand!
120. Little Fingers :: Helps Remove Earring Backs
Helps attach and remove pierced earring backs in one easy move!
Item No. ALF645
121. Leveron Doorknob Lever Adaptor (Package of 2)
No twisting or turning required!
Item No. ALL010
122. Lock Laces
Simply slip your shoes on and off, no more tying and untying laces!
Item No. ALL200
123. Magnetic Jewelry Clasp
Magnetic Jewelry clasps are both very secure, and easy to use.
Item No. ALP1075
124. Magnetic Jewelry Safety Clasp
Magnetic jewelry clasp with built in safety snap.
Item No. ALP1076
125. 3 In 1 Hooker Bracelet Fastener
3 in 1 hooker fastener. Bracelet fastener, zipper pull, and button aid.
Item No. ALP1300
126. Jewelry Helpers Accessory Kit
Kit To Assist With Your Necklace and Earring Needs.
Item No. ALP1900CK
127. DPL Light Therapy System
Aids in pain relief for sore, aching joints.
Item No. ALT500
128. Economy Hip Kits
For patients recovering from hip or knee surgery or injury.
Item No. AMC
129. Melaware Cutlery
Makes holding utensils less painful for arthritis sufferers!
Item No. AMC1001
130. Retainer Reacher - Discontinued
For use by those with limited strength and grasp.
Item No. AMC1627
131. Amefa Curved Built Up Handle Utensils
Ideal for persons with decreased range of motion in hand or wrist
Item No. AMC24
132. Economy Reacher
Helps retrieve small objects.
Item No. AMC3
133. Peta Easi-Grip Garden Cultivator
Minimize the effort and discomfort experienced with conventional tools due to arthritis or other disabilities.
Item No. AMC300C
134. Peta Easi-Grip Garden Fork
Takes the strain and discomfort out of gardening.
Item No. AMC300F
135. Peta Easi-Grip Long Reach Cultivator
For gardeners who work in a seated position.
Item No. AMC300LRC
136. Peta Easi-Grip Long Reach Fork
Makes yard work easier when used with the Garden Seat Caddy below.
Item No. AMC300LRF
137. Peta Easi-Grip Long Reach Hoe
Long Reach Garden Tools are the solution for reaching ground level.
Item No. AMC300LRH
138. PETA Easi-Grip Long Reach Garden Tools Set of 4
Specially designed for gardeners who have to sit on a chair or stool while gardening.
Item No. AMC300LRS
139. Peta Easi-Grip Long Reach Trowel
Long Reach Trowel is 34 inches long.
Item No. AMC300LRT
140. Peta Easi-Grip Garden Tools Set of 3
Stainless steel metal section helps prevent soil adhesion.
Item No. AMC300S
141. Peta Easi-Grip Garden Trowel
Ergonomically angled handle keeps the hand and wrist in a natural position.
Item No. AMC300T
142. Easi Grip Weeder
Helps you remove weeds using a rocking motion.
Item No. AMC300W
143. PETA Easi-Grip Add-On Handles
Gives a firmer, more positive grip on garden tools.
Item No. AMC301
144. PETA Easi-Grip Arm Support Cuff
Arm Support Cuff allows the strength of the forearm and upper arm to be used.
Item No. AMC302
145. Featherweight Classic Folding Reacher - Discontinued
Unique hook trigger of the Featherweight Classic Folding Reacher provides easy operation.
Item No. AMC6700
146. Dressing Stick
Provides Help Getting Dressed.
Item No. AMCDS1001
147. Easi Grip Tweezers
Ideal for Arthritis Sufferers
148. Self Opening Scissors
Ideal scissors for swollen finger joints due to arthritis.
Item No. AMCPKS1
149. Easi-Grip Bread Knife
Prevents strain on the wrist and hand
150. Easi-Grip Carving Fork
Keeps the hand and wrist in a neutral position while carving
151. Easi-Grip Carving Knife
Less Stress on Hand and Wrist !!
152. Easi-Grip Cheese Slicer
Beneficial for those with Arthritis or Repetitive Strain Injury
153. Easi-Grip Forked Knife
Ideal for those with arthritis or repetitive strain injuries
154. Easi-Grip Grater
Contoured handles are molded in a soft feel plastic.
155. Easi-Grip Spatula
A firm comfortable grip - can be used in either hand
156. Long Reach Toenail Cutter
Extended shank reduces bending and stretching.
Item No. AMCPTC2
157. Mounted Table Top Scissors
Spring automatically re-opens the scissors.
158. Formed Sock Aids
Putting on Socks Just Got Easier!!
Item No. AMCSA
159. Mounted Finger Scrub Brush
Great for one-handed cleaning!
Item No. AMCSB1001
160. Elite Bath Brush with Soap Insert
Two-sided multifunctional bath brush.
Item No. AMI0
161. Soapy Soles Elite Foot Cleaner and Massager
Unique personal footpad treats your feet.
Item No. AMI03
162. Arthritis Thumbs Up Cup
Designed for people with arthritis or limited hand strength.
Item No. AMI108
163. Un Skru Jar Opener
Under counter or cabinet opener.
Item No. AMI111
164. Perma Ty Elastic Shoelaces
Tie them once and then slide your shoes on.
Item No. AMI20
165. Tall-ette Total Hip Replacement Elevated Toilet Seat
Specially designed to assist persons who need an extended hip position due to post-surgical or traumatic injuries, or who have undergone unilateral or bilateral total hip replacement. The saddle style prevents hip adduction and internal rotation.
Item No. AMI201
166. Total Hip Kit
Help for people recuperating from total hip replacement surgery.
Item No. AMI202
167. Black 18 inch Perma-Ty Elastic Shoelaces
Tie them once and then slide your shoes on.
Item No. AMI206A
168. Autodrop Eye Drop Guide
Keeps the eye drops from missing your eye!!
Item No. AMI208
169. Autosqueeze Eye Drop Bottle Squeezer
Ideal for people with weak or arthritic fingers
Item No. AMI209
170. Lotion Applicator
Apply lotions, oils, creams or medications to hard to reach areas.
Item No. AMI21
171. Button Aid and Zipper Pull
Aid to Help Buttoning and Zipping.
Item No. AMI219
172. Nail Clippers on Base
Clip your nails with a simple push of a lever.
Item No. AMI220
173. Easy Out Tube Squeezer
Can be used for toothpastes, lotions, salves, and many other household products!
Item No. AMI222
174. Foam Bath Mitt
Helps you apply lotions smoothly and evenly.
Item No. AMI236
175. Big Lamp Switch
Help turn lamp switches.
Item No. AMI300
176. Playing Card Holders
Easier than trying to hold multiple cards in one hand.
Item No. AMI301
177. Bicycle EZ See LoVision Playing Cards
Great for people with low vision.
Item No. AMI3015
178. Hoyle Super Jumbo Playing Cards - Discontinued
Standard bridge size playing cards with extra large faces.
Item No. AMI3017
179. Low Vision Playing Cards Poker Size
A great gift for to anyone who has trouble seeing the numbers and suits on a normal deck of cards.
Item No. AMI3018
180. Doorknob Extender Package of 2
Less Hand Strength Needed to Turn Doorknob
Item No. AMI3062
181. Loop Handle Scissors
Lightweight scissors are ideal for people with decreased hand strength.
Item No. AMI307
182. Hole in One Key Holder
Helps provide easy key turning for people with arthritis.
Item No. AMI307K
183. Ring Pen
Takes the 'shake' and muscle pain out of handling a pen.
Item No. AMI31
184. Turning Knob Operator
Help for Arthritic Cooks!
Item No. AMI314
185. Color Coded Handle Foam
Cut to desired length
Item No. AMI320
186. Steady Write Pen
Features a permanently attached base that stabilizes your hand at a special angle to smooth out shaky or poor handwriting.
Item No. AMI33
187. Ring Writer Clips
Positions and angles the pen or pencil correctly for use.
Item No. AMI340
188. 5 Cleat Ice Pick for Canes
Guards Against Slipping on Snow-Covered or Icy Walkways
Item No. AMI400
189. Walker Hand Grips
Minimize hand discomfort when using a walker or crutch.
Item No. AMI403
190. Deluxe Walker Basket
One large compartment, a coin or medication holder, and a round compartment for a glass, can or cup.
Item No. AMI406
191. Walker Bag Hook
Creates a convenient spot on a walker to hang a bag or purse.
Item No. AMI703205
192. Star Glide Walker Slides
Allows for easy movement of the walker.
Item No. AMI703230
193. Self Wipe Toilet Tissue Aid
Provides more comfort than other devices.
Item No. AMI72506
194. Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat
Allows the ring to be lifted in the same manner as your standard toilet seat.
Item No. AMI72571
195. Hold-and-Read Page Holders
Makes it possible to read a paperback using one or no hands.
Item No. AMI7323
196. Ergo Writer
Correctly positions the thumb to reduce stress placed on the wrist.
Item No. AMI735061
197. Type Aid
Helps to push buttons.
Item No. AMI73510
198. Universal Hand Clip
For those with limited hand strength.
Item No. AMI73603
199. The Gripper
Offers a built-up grip for increased control of pens, pencils and other utensils.
Item No. AMI73606000
200. Bend Aids Hip Kit
Ideal for anyone recovering from hip, knee or back surgery.
Item No. AMI73800
201. Wear Ease Shoe Fasteners
Converts hard to tie shoes into simple to use hook-and-loop (Velcro) closures, providing an easier way to fasten and unfasten shoes.
Item No. AMI73817
202. T Handle Shoe Horn
Allows the wrist to remain in a neutral position.
Item No. AMI738242
203. Rigid Sock Aid with Heel Guide
Extra wide design is ideal for people with swollen feet
Item No. AMI73842
204. Heel Guide Compression Stocking Aid
Ideal for those who have trouble bending.
Item No. AMI73855
205. Hole-in-One Double Button Loop
Provides help buttoning shirts.
Item No. AMI73886
206. Cord Zipper Pull
Measures 18 inches long. Help zipping hard to reach zippers.
Item No. AMI73889
207. Under Toe Washer
No more bending to clean the feet!
Item No. AMI74129
208. Roll Easy Lotion Applicator
Comes with 2 different massage rollers that are easy to use and change.
Item No. AMI741330050
209. Press On One Handed Nail Clipper
For people with arthritis who have difficulty manipulating small hand held nail clippers.
Item No. AMI74140
210. Hand to Hand Mug
Easy and comfortable to grip with one or two hands.
Item No. AMI74598
211. Maddagrip Opener
Provide a better grip for weak or arthritic hands.
Item No. AMI753581
212. Maddagrip Opener :: Bag of 2
Effortlessly open anything from small vials and bottles to large jars.
Item No. AMI7535812
213. Wall Switch Extension Handle
Puts wall switches within easy reach.
Item No. AMI754141
214. Embroidery Hoop Holder
Lets you do needlecraft projects with just one hand.
Item No. AMI754381
215. Raptor Reacher
A durable, lightweight reacher.
Item No. AMI76945
216. Wheelchair Brake Lever Extension
Increased leverage makes it easier to lock the wheels.
Item No. AMI8877
217. Gas Gadget
Help eliminate arthritis wrist pain when refueling your car.
Item No. AMP330
218. Easie Eaters with Shields
Prevents utensil from entering mouth to deeply.
Item No. AMS10
219. Easie Eaters
Lightweight and Easy to Grip
Item No. AMS100
220. NoBow ShoeTie
Any lace up shoe can be tied quickly and easily using only one hand!
Item No. ANB20
221. Long Loop Easi Grip Scissors
Recommended for Weak Grip or for Poor Hand Control.
Item No. APELEG5
222. ThumSaver MP
Provides excellent MP control for arthritis.
Item No. APP2001
223. Action ThumbSling
Great for CMC joint arthritis and ligament injuries.
Item No. APP2006
224. Action Wrist Wrap
Use to reduce symptoms of arthritis wrist or ligament sprains!
Item No. APP3008
225. Hands Free Hair Dryer Stand
Great for shoulder or upper extremity weakness.
Item No. APS223
226. Accu-Grips :: Wheelchair Hand Grips
Replaces the existing leg rest and wheel lock grips on manual wheelchairs.
Item No. APT400
227. Twist N Write Pencil 4 Pack
Pencil design promotes tripod grasp, writing control, and endurance.
Item No. APW0071
228. Ergo Sof PenAgain
Ergonomically designed to adapt to the contour of the hand.
Item No. APW30
229. Robert's Book Holder
Holds books, newspapers, magazines, or individual sheets of paper.
Item No. ARB30
230. Gas Cap Tool
Gas Cap Tool with multiple attachments fits all cars.
Item No. ARB340
231. Gas Cap Wrench - Discontinued
Loosen stubborn gas caps with this easy to use wrench.
Item No. ARP320
232. Sock-eez Compression Sock & Stocking Remover
Simple and easy to remove socks without straining a muscle.
Item No. ASE200
233. Ezy-As :: Helps pull on compression stockings
Makes it easier to put on compression stockings.
Item No. ASE300
234. Ezy-As Applicator Handle
Designed to assist people who have arthritis and difficulty reaching their feet.
Item No. ASE300H
235. INGRID Cane Holder :: Walking Cane or Crutch Holder
The cane holder lets you hang your walking cane or crutch on chairs, shopping carts, tables, counter tops, etc.
Item No. ASG257465
236. Ingrid Classic Cane/Crutch Tip - Medium
Provides for an excellent grip both indoors and outdoors.
Item No. ASG257801
237. INGRID Cane or Crutch Tip with Retractable Spike - Medium
Provides a firm grip on snow, ice and most other outdoor surfaces.
Item No. ASG257832
238. Ingrid Classic Cane/Crutch Tip - Large
Provides for an excellent grip both indoors and outdoors.
Item No. ASG257901
239. INGRID Cane or Crutch Tip with Retractable Spike - Large
Retractable Spike provides a firm grip on snow, ice and most other outdoor surfaces.
Item No. ASG257905
240. INGRID Cane or Crutch Tip with Retractable Spike - Small
Retractable Spike provides a firm grip on snow, ice and most other outdoor surfaces.
Item No. ASG337831
241. Ingrid Classic Cane/Crutch Tip - Small
Provides for an excellent grip both indoors and outdoors.
Item No. ASG357808
242. Deluxe Sock Aid
Put your socks on without bending over.
Item No. ASN215
243. Compression Stocking Aid
Made especially for putting on those hard to apply compression stockings.
Item No. ASN230
244. Long Handle Shoe Horn
Help slide shoes on without bending over.
Item No. ASN232
245. ErgoTek Plus Reachers
Make grasping out of reach objects easier.
Item No. ASN314
246. Key Turner
Provide increased leverage to turn a key.
Item No. ASN317
247. Wanchik's Writer
Supports your writing utensil for a more relaxed hand when writing.
Item No. ASN318
248. Wanchik's Junior Writer
Writing utensil holder that holds the pen for you.
Item No. ASN318J
249. Double-Sided Quilted Walker Bags
Helps store your personal belongings on your walker.
Item No. ASN401
250. Easyglide Walker Tips
Ideal for wheeled walkers
Item No. ASN411
251. Thermoskins Arthritis Elbow Wrap
Provides elbow with therapeutic relief from soreness and discomfort.
Item No. ASN506
252. Thermoskin Arthritis Shoulder Wrap
Helps to control arthritis swelling and aiding in the stability of the shoulder.
Item No. ASN507
253. Bunion Splint
Keeps big toe properly aligned for less pain!
Item No. ASN508
254. Universal Leather ADL Cuff with Elastic Strap
Ideal for someone with limited grasp
Item No. ASP148
255. Toilet Tissue Tongs 15 inch
Offers more independence for the disabled
Item No. ASP6219
256. Double Sided Denture Brush
Ideal for independent one-handed denture care.
Item No. ASP6338
257. Body Care Long Handle Back Scrubber
Helps people with limited arm, shoulder and hand movement.
Item No. ASP6629
258. Body Care Long Handle Body Washer
People with limited reach can now have the power to wash the shoulders, arms and hands.
Item No. ASP662901
259. Body Care Long Handle Hair Washer
Aid for people with limited grasp or upper extremity range of motion.
Item No. ASP6630
260. Body Care Nail File Holder
Ideal for those with hand tremors
Item No. ASP6631
261. Crutch Mate Gel Arm Pads
Crutch Mate Gel Arm Pads for underarm or forearm crutches.
Item No. ASPC7333
262. Crutch Mate Gel Hand Pads
Crutch Mate Gel Hand Pads provide long lasting comfort.
Item No. ASPC7334
263. Crutch Mate Gel Forearm Pads
Especially useful for individuals who utilize crutches for longer periods.
Item No. ASPC7335
264. Security Pole with Grab Bar
2 products in 1: Floor to ceiling pole with pivoting Curve Grab Bar.
Item No. AST1100
265. Assist-A-Tray :: Lap Desk & Standing Aid
Provides a convenient lap desk that swivels 360 degrees.
Item No. AST2050
266. Swivel Tray for the Couch Cane
Allows you to upgrade your Couch Cane to an Assist-A-Tray.
Item No. AST2055
267. Furniture Risers
For people who need assistance rising from their couch or chair !
Item No. AST2090
268. Metro Walker :: Collapsible Walker
Compact, collapsible, portable, easy to open and close Walker.
Item No. AST4100
269. Metro Walker Replacement Wheels
Helps maneuver Metro Walker over all surfaces.
Item No. AST4101
270. Metro Walker Ski Glides
Helps to stabilize the Metro Walker and glide over most surfaces.
Item No. AST4102
271. Couch Cane
Helps you stand up from a chair.
Item No. AST412
272. Bed Cane
Makes getting in and out of a bed easy.
Item No. AST413
273. Car Caddie
Offers you a helping hand getting in or out of a car, van, or truck.
Item No. AST415
274. Bed Caddie
More Independence for the Weak and Disabled
Item No. AST417
275. Recliner Lever Extension
Extension handle for recliners.
Item No. AST420
276. Bed Rail Advantage
Fits on either side of the bed
Item No. AST422
277. EZ Adjust Bed Rail
Length allows for use as both a bed rail or hand rail.
Item No. AST4333
278. Thermoskin Flexible Thumb Splint
Recommended for the prevention and treatment of soft tissue injuries of the thumb.
Item No. AT
279. Long Square Self Inspection Mirror
Overall length is 23-1/2 inches.
Item No. ATC30789
280. Flex A Mirror :: Self Inspection Mirror
19 inch self inspection mirror.
Item No. ATC30800
281. Electric Razor Strap
Holds a Variety of Razors
Item No. ATC30967
282. Weighted Cuff for Disposable Razors
Hidden weights help to steady shaky hand
Item No. ATC30968
283. Drinking Straw Holder
Accepts all straw sizes
Item No. ATC35015
284. Tek Partner Large Button Universal Remote
Large TV remote control.
Item No. ATP0561
285. Big Button Universal Remote Control
Big lighted TV remote control buttons and bold easy to read characters.
Item No. ATP1220
286. Thermoskin Arthritis Hand and Wrist Support
Minimizes skin irritation and perspiration.
Item No. ATS
287. Thermoskin Arthritis Knee Wrap
Designed to provide even compression and firm arthritic knee support.
Item No. ATS500
288. Thermoskin Carpal Tunnel Glove
Helps prevent and provide relief of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
Item No. ATS8
289. Arthritis Gloves
Gloves specifically designed to relieve arthritis pain in the fingers and hands.
Item No. ATS8199
290. Thermoskin Wrist Wrap
Help control swelling and aiding in the stability of the wrist.
Item No. ATS8226
291. Thermoskin Arthritis Ankle Wrap
Ankle Wraps wrap around design is easier to put on.
Item No. ATS8305
292. Freedom Wand - multipurpose, portable, personal hygiene aid.
Multipurpose, portable, personal hygiene aid.
Item No. ATS900
293. Extension for the Freedom Wand
Adds an additional 6 1/2 inches in length to the Freedom Wand.
Item No. ATS900E
294. The Right Paint Brush
Comfort, control and less stress.
Item No. AW5323
295. yankezz Zipper Grabber Kit
A flexible, easy to use product making anything with a zipper easier to grab.
Item No. AYI100
296. Akton Polmer Adaptive Flat Pad 1/2 inch
Won't leak, flow, or bottom out, and it is tissue equivalent.
Item No. CAC
297. Professional Cushion with Basic Cover
Provides exceptional pressure relief for arthritis pain.
Item No. CAC510
298. Centurian Cushion with Basic Cover
Custom sizes available
Item No. CAC520
299. Akton Polymer Adaptive Flat Pad 5/8 inch
Great for arthritis sufferers!
Item No. CAC53
300. Akton Polymer Adaptive Pad 1/4 inch
Helps prevent pressure sores!
Item No. CAC561818
301. Akton Polymer Professional Bed Pad
Helps prevent bed sores !
Item No. CAC6100
302. Akton Polymer Mattress Overlays
Used by hospitals and long term care facilities.
Item No. CAC630
303. Commuter Cushion with Basic Cover
Chair pad for low risk users at an affordable price.
Item No. CAC85
304. Pilot Flotation Pad with Basic Cover
Ideal for those who have suffered from pressure sores
Item No. CAC900
305. Shear Smart Pad with Shear Smart Cover
Significantly reduces the effects of shear while providing superb user comfort.
Item No. CACCG
306. Akton Polymer Adaptive Cube Pad
Provides comfort for arthritis sufferers.
Item No. CACCU
307. HANDI-CARD :: Visor Display for Handicapped Parking Permit
Visor Display for Handicapped Parking Permit.
Item No. CAE400
308. Nosey Cups
Ideal for people with arthritis or limited range of motion of the head, neck or upper extremities.
Item No. CAM106
309. Turn Easy Transfer Disc
Makes Transfers Easier and Safer!
Item No. CAM80833
310. Portable Grab Bar
Provides a safe means of getting in and out of the tub or shower.
Item No. CBC201
311. Large Telescoping Pivot Grip Grab Bar
Because the Grab Bar ends pivot and rotate, the installation options are endless.
Item No. CBC400L
312. Portable Telescoping Pivot Grip Grab Bar
Top of the line Portable Grab Bar.
Item No. CBC400M
313. Telescoping Grip Grab Bar
Gives you the confidence you need to move freely and independently without worry.
Item No. CBC500M
314. Portable Grab Bar for Four Inch Tiles
4" Tile Grip Portable Grab Bar
Item No. CBC600
315. 50 Ways to Love Your Mother
Gift Ideas for Aging Parents and Others When All They Need is Love
Item No. CCHH1
316. Twist Neck Pillow
Twist Pillow holds ANY position for perfect comfort.
Item No. CCP19102
317. Twisting Massage Pillow
Bends into any position for custom comfort and support.
Item No. CCP19500
318. Tri Core Standard Pillow
Cradles your neck for a good night's sleep
Item No. CCP200
319. Core Mid Size Firm Support Pillow
Great comfort and support for small adults and young teens
Item No. CCP221
320. Core Mid Size Gentle Support Pillow
Great comfort and support for small adults and young teens
Item No. CCP222
321. Travel Core Pillow
Great pillow to use in your car.
Item No. CCP225
322. BackMax Wedge Pillow Set
3-piece multi-functional wedge system.
Item No. CCP30100
323. Adjustable Bed Wedge - Discontinued
Transforms your existing bed into an adjustable bed.
Item No. CCP50
324. Large Front Walker Bag
Features 2 mesh pockets in front and large pocket in back.
Item No. CDCB5412
325. Walker Holder for Scooters
Carry your walker wherever you go !
Item No. CDCB6214
326. Diestco Scooter Tiller Regular Cover
Protects your scooter tiller controls from moisture.
Item No. CDCV2100
327. Diestco Scooter Tiller Small Cover
Helps protect against electrical problems created by moisture.
Item No. CDCV2300
328. Lift Chair Table
Designed for use with lift chairs, standard recliners, or couches.
Item No. CDM13085
329. Deluxe Swivel Seat Cushion
Enables a person to twist and turn while helping to prevent arthritic hip and back strain.
Item No. CDM1994
330. Sip-Tip Cup
Makes drinking easier with the simple built-in one-way straw!
Item No. CEH100
331. Easy Grip Tub Grab Bar
Multiple grip offers flexibility of grasp and increased bathing safety.
Item No. CEH313
332. Snap-N-Save Sliding Transfer Bench with Molded Swivel Seat
Eases the transfer into a bathtub.
Item No. CEH316
333. Snap-N-Save Sliding Tub-mount Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat
Provides a secure place to sit and assistance getting in or out of a bathtub.
Item No. CEH317
334. Padded Shower Chair with Armrests and Back
Padded ergonomic seat for more comfortable seating.
Item No. CEH32064
335. Raised Toilet Frame with Padded Seat
Padded four in one commode / raised toilet seat is a multifunctional bathroom safety product.
Item No. CEH34654
336. Sliding Transfer Bench with Padded Seat and Back
Transfer Bench with Padded Seat and Back.
Item No. CEH37561
337. Sliding Transfer Bench with Padded Cut Out Seat
Cut out allows for personal washing of private areas.
Item No. CEH37564
338. Sliding Transfer Bench with Padded Swivel Seat and Back
Transfer Bench with Padded Swivel Seat and Back
Item No. CEH37661
339. Sliding Transfer Bench with Cut-Out Swivel Seat
Seat with Replaceable Cut Out for washing the perineum.
Item No. CEH37663
340. Extra Short Sliding Tub-mount Transfer Bench with Padded Swivel Seat and Back
Padded transfer bench seat for extra comfort.
Item No. CEH37771
341. Extra Short Sliding Tub-mount Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat and Back
Mounts to most tub walls for space savings in smaller bathrooms.
Item No. CEH37772
342. Snap-N-Save Sliding Transfer Bench
Adjustable for left or right facing tubs.
Item No. CEH61211
343. Snap-N-Save Extra Long Sliding Transfer Bench
Used on tubs wider than standard and for transfers over longer distances.
Item No. CEH61291
344. Snap-N-Save Sliding Transfer Bench with Molded Cut-Out Seat
Cut-out panel in the seat can be easily removed and replaced as needed for perineal washing.
Item No. CEH61311
345. Snap-N-Save Shower Chair with Arm Rests
Sit down or stand up in the shower or bath safely and easily.
Item No. CEH62221
346. Snap-N-Save Shower Chair with Arm Rests and Back
Provides a safe means to showering.
Item No. CEH62231
347. Shower Chair with Arms, Back and Replaceable Cut Out Seat
Helps offer stability and comfort while showering.
Item No. CEH62331
348. Heavy Duty Bariatric Shower Chair
Provides maximum stability for larger individuals.
Item No. CEH62621
349. Hip Chair :: for the post hip surgery patient.
Helps keep your hip immobile and enables you to get up without bending your hip.
Item No. CEH63231
350. Tub Mounted Swivel Shower Chair
Mounts to most tub walls for space savings in smaller bathrooms.
Item No. CEH67762
351. XX Long Toilet to Tub Sliding Transfer Bench
Eases the transfer into a bathtub.
Item No. CEH67993
352. Bath One Shower Chair :: Folding Shower Chair
A lightweight chair with height adjustability and a wide seating surface.
Item No. CEH71000
353. Arm Rest Set for Bath One Shower and Commode Chairs
Optional arm rest for the Bath One Shower Chair.
Item No. CEH71002
354. Travel Bag for Bath One Shower Chair
Travel Bag for the Bath One Shower Chair.
Item No. CEH71007
355. Bath One Shower Commode Chair
Multi-purpose, shower chair and commode to help improve positioning and safety during toileting and bathing.
Item No. CEH7200
356. Travel Bag for Bath One Commode Chair
Travel Bag for the Bath One Commode Chair.
Item No. CEH72007
357. Tub and Stair Safety Treads
Provides safe traction
Item No. CEN33
358. Lend-A-Hand
Helps the physically challenged perform daily activities.
Item No. CEP126
359. Fire Gone Fire Extinguisher
Helps protect yourself from a tragic fire.
Item No. CFG007
360. Freedom Standard Suction Pad Cupholders
Standard Non Skid Suction Pad Cup Holder adjusts to hold 6 oz to 16 oz. cups, glasses or bottles.
Item No. CFP131
361. Freedom Dinnerware Snack Bowl with Suction Pad
Patented No Slip Vacuum Pad. It won't move!
Item No. CFP151
362. Freedom Dinnerware Scooper Plate with Suction Pad
Patented Non Skid Vacuum Pad. It won't move!
Item No. CFP161
363. Freedom Dinnerware Divided Plate with Suction Pad
Patented No Skid Vacuum Pad. It Won't Move!
Item No. CFP171
364. Freedom Large Wheelchair Cupholders
Attach to any tubing element, round or square.
Item No. CFP181
365. Freedom Large Suction Pad Cup Holder
Large Non Skid Suction Pad Cupholder adjusts to hold 16 oz to 46 oz cups, mugs or bottles.
Item No. CFP191
366. Easy Grip Gripit Floss Holder
Designed to help people with arthritic conditions floss more easily.
Item No. CGFH100
367. Health Circle Sliding Transfer Bench
Allows you to comfortably and safely enter the tub or shower.
Item No. CHC12401
368. Softeze Memory Foam Half Roll
Shape offers multiple-choice comfort, 100% visco foam responds to body weight and temperature molds to body contours.
Item No. CHP1850
369. EZ Bathe Inflatable Bathtub
Enjoy the relaxation of a tub bath in the bed
Item No. CHP208
370. EZ Shampoo Basin
Easy inflatable sink for shampooing the bedridden. Prevents splashing and spills, while comfortably supporting an individual's neck. Drain hose removes water and suds. Once deflated, easily folds for storage.
Item No. CHP209
371. EZ Shower
Provides the comfort and refreshment of a shampoo to bedridden individuals.
Item No. CHP210
372. Shampoo Tray
Can be used with chair or wheelchair
Item No. CHP211
373. Body Aligner Pillow
Helps arthritis sufferers be more comfortable.
Item No. CHP2385
374. Leg Lifter Pillow
Maintain proper pelvic positioning with the Leg Lifter Pillow.
Item No. CHP50
375. Elevated Leg Rest Pillow
Relieves the discomfort from swollen legs and ankles, caused by arthritis.
Item No. CHP501
376. Knee Separator Pillow
Maintains proper spinal alignment
Item No. CHP5030
377. Dual Position Wedge
Great support for arthritic backs.
Item No. CHP5032
378. Foam Wedge Pillow
Foam wedge is more effective than pillows and provides better support.
Item No. CHP504B
379. Knee Rest Pillow
Designed to promote proper alignment, reduce pressure or elevate extremities
Item No. CHP505
380. Softeze Memory Foam All Purpose Wedge
Gently molds to the contours of your body.
Item No. CHP8520
381. Accent Ring with Integrated Support Rail
A stylish and incredibly solid handrail that's designed to be installed around shower fixtures.
382. Corner Shelf with Integrated Grab Bar
Convenient storage shelf with an integrated grab bar.
Item No. CHPCS
383. Dependa-Bar™ :: Wall Mounted Grab Bar & Support Rail
Combines the sturdiness of a wall mounted grab bar and the functionality of a dual support rail.
Item No. CHPDB
384. Soap Dish with Grab Bar
Make a bold statement with this luxurious centerpiece.
Item No. CHPSD
385. Towel Bar with Integrated Grab Bar
A functional and attractive towel grab bar.
Item No. CHPTB
386. Serena Seat :: Foldable Shower Seat
An exceptionally solid, folding shower seat with Brazilian walnut.
Item No. CHPWS18WD
387. SerenaSeat Foldable 26 inch Shower Seat
Fold down shower seat with removable backrest for cleaning.
Item No. CHPWS26WD
388. Toilet Roll Holder with Grab Bar
Provides additional support when standing or sitting.
389. Long Flexible Straw
12 inch long large diameter straw for thick creamy soups or malts.
Item No. CHS12
390. Super Long Straw - Discontinued
27 inch Super Long Straw combines flexibility and stability to provide hands free drinking.
Item No. CHS27
391. Drinking Straw Holder for Large Diameter Straws - Discontinued
Clips to your glass to hold the straw in place for hands free drinking.
392. Self Adjusting Straw Holder
Automatically adjust to hold almost any size straw firmly and securely.
393. Knork 4 Pack
Knorks are symmetric and can be used by both left-handers and right-handers.
Item No. CK
394. Knork Single
Enables you to more easily cut food by using a rocking motion on the gently curved outside tines.
Item No. CK0
395. Gloss 5 piece Knork set
KNORK® looks like a normal eating utensil and attracts no attention when using it.
Item No. CK001
396. 4 Pack Red Plastic Knorks
Premium Plastic Knorks® included in this set are full 7" dinnerware size.
Item No. CK087
397. Rocker Knife
Cuts food with one hand.
Item No. CKE15000
398. Meat Cutter Rocker Knife
For those unable to perform the sawing motion needed to cut meats
Item No. CKE15005
399. Clear Plate Guards
Plate Guard prevents food from being pushed off the plate.
Item No. CKE152
400. Insulated Cups
Insulated cups keeps food and drink warm or cold.
Item No. CKE160
401. Nosey Glass
Allows drinking without bending the neck or tilting the head.
Item No. CKE16002
402. Insulated Bowl
Bowl helps keep food warm!
Item No. CKE16033
403. Disposable Lids for Bowls
Disposable Lids for the Insulated Bowl CKE16033.
Item No. CKE16039
404. SoloGrip One-Handed Jar Opener
Makes struggling to hold the base of jars a thing of the past.
Item No. CKE17142
405. Utensil Holder
Ideal for anyone with decreased grip strength
Item No. CKE2520
406. Clear Zipper Pull
Easy to Attach !
Item No. CKE30525
407. Leg Lifter
Convenient for lifting a weak or casted leg.
Item No. CKE31055
408. Awesome Grip Hand Rim Covers
Provides a larger softer gripping surface.
Item No. CKE811
409. Bottom Buddy
Designed for self cleansing when reaching is difficult
Item No. CKE92008
410. Kiss My Back :: Mesh Back Support
Mesh back support for chairs helps provide your back with the ergonomic support it needs.
Item No. CKMB32850
411. Bed Desk
Can be adjusted to almost any angle for reading books.
Item No. CLBP1000
412. Myself Belts
Patented one-handed closure.
Item No. CMB200
413. Unscented Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salt
Helps to stimulate circulation, ease aching muscles and joints, soften the skin.
Item No. CMH102
414. Masada Lavender Scented Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salt
Lavender is an all time favorite for relaxation.
Item No. CMH202
415. Eucalyptus Scented Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salt
Purifying Eucalyptus helps clear the sinuses naturally.
Item No. CMH302
416. Natural Pain Relief Cream
Temporary relief of symptoms such as pain, tingling and numbness.
Item No. CMH3904
417. Plastic Food Bumper Guard
Clip a food bumper onto any circular plate 9 to 11 inches,
Item No. CMI100
418. Stainless Steel Plate Guard
Three spring action clips to secure the guard to the plate.
Item No. CMI104
419. GripWare Scooper Plate
Allows food to be trapped and pushed easily onto utensils.
Item No. CMI105
420. Scooper Bowl with Suction Base
Rubber suction base to prevent skidding.
Item No. CMI106
421. Scooper Plate with Suction Base
The plate version of the Scooper Bowl!
Item No. CMI108
422. Scooper Dish
Combination plate and bowl.
Item No. CMI110
423. Blue Scooper Plate
Helps aid in successful self feeding.
Item No. CMI112
424. Covered Spoons
Helps keep food on the utensil and limits spillage.
Item No. CMI131
425. Floss Aid
Allows people with arthritis or limited grasp to floss their teeth easily.
Item No. CMI201
426. Shampoo Aid Shampoo Tray
Ideal for those who have difficulty reclining.
Item No. CMI206
427. Lightweight Plastic Transfer Board
Lightweight and portable
Item No. CMI220
428. Printed Quilted Crutch Bag
Helps make it possible to carry personal items while using crutches.
Item No. CMI429
429. Quilted Walker Tote Bag
Helps carry your personal belongings while using your walker.
Item No. CMI430
430. Leg Loop Leg Lift
Foot loop stays conformed to the shape of the foot for a secure and comfortable grip.
Item No. CMI704171
431. Leg Wrap Positioning Aid
Assists in repositioning the leg and transferring to or from a bed, chair, sofa, wheelchair or toilet seat.
Item No. CMI70418
432. Wheelchair Carry-All Backpack
Generously sized wheelchair carry-all is good for books, groceries and other heavy items.
Item No. CMI70616
433. Bath Safe Adjustable Transfer Bench
Safer and Easier to enter or exit the tub!
Item No. CMI727142500
434. Rotating Round Shower Stool
Ideal for narrow tubs or shower stalls, anywhere a regular chair won't fit.
Item No. CMI7271521000
435. Combination Dressing Stick and Shoehorn
Multipurpose dressing aid.
Item No. CMI738811
436. Keep Warm Dish
Keeps food warm.
Item No. CMI74521
437. Partitioned Scoop Dish
Three compartments keep food separated.
Item No. CMI74527
438. Round Up Plate
Keeps food from spilling or sliding off the plate!
Item No. CMI74529
439. Inner Lip Plate
Deep inner lip keeps food from sliding off plate.
Item No. CMI74531
440. Straw Holder Bag of 6
Clips to the edge of any glass
Item No. CMI74562
441. Utensil Hand Clip
Vinyl pocket holds silverware handle.
Item No. CMI74615
442. Hole in One Utensils
For people with limited hand mobility.
Item No. CMI74618
443. UBend It :: Bendable Spoon or Fork
Bendable Spoon and Fork for people with arthritis or reduced range of motion.
Item No. CMI74619
444. Maddadapt Built Up Handle Teaspoon - Discontinued
Built-up plastic handle teaspoon for weak hands.
Item No. CMI746240
445. Maddadapt Built Up Handle Left Hand Teaspoon
Eat independently and comfortably with this 30° built up handle left hand teaspoon.
Item No. CMI7463701
446. Right Hand Scoop Spoon
Raised back prevents food from spilling off the spoon.
Item No. CMI74646
447. Commode and Toilet Riser
Created to solve the problems created by those old, clunky disabled toilet seats.
Item No. CMM001
448. My Plate Mate :: Plastic Plate Guard
Helps prevent food from being pushed off the plate.
Item No. CMP100
449. The Transfer Handle
Ideal for people who use walkers or wheelchairs.
Item No. CMT20
450. Safety Sure Transfer Slide
Used for transfers between the bed, wheelchair, toilet or car.
Item No. CMT50
451. Freedom Grip Transfer Handle
For those needing help getting out of bed!!
Item No. CMT501
452. Freedom Grip Plus Bed Transfer Handle
Helps sitting on and standing from a bed.
Item No. CMT502
453. Safety Sure Transfer Pivot Disc
Pivot Disc is designed for use by patients who are able to stand but cannot readily move their legs.
Item No. CMT508
454. SafetySure Mary's Aide Transfer Sling
Provides caregivers with a secure hold and control during patient transfers.
Item No. CMT6045
455. Car Swivel Seat Cushion
Helps to reduce pain on the back, hips and knees when getting out of a car.
Item No. CMT96312
456. Automobility Solution :: Helps getting in and out of a car.
Handybar & Swivel Seat Cushion combination.
Item No. CMT96313
457. HandyBar :: Helps getting in and out of a car.
Helps getting in and out of a car.
Item No. CMT96314
458. Car Ease Slide
Slick inner surface makes getting in and out of a car seat effortless.
Item No. CMT978
459. Easy Grip Cup - discontinued
Ideal for people with reduced strength, limited mobility or swollen, painful joints.
Item No. CMY100
460. No Rinse Shampoo
Waterless Shampoo
Item No. CNR
461. No Rinse Shampoo Cap
One-piece cap transfers shampoo and conditioner directly to hair and scalp
Item No. CNR2001
462. No Rinse Bathing Wipes
Provides cleansing, moisturizing and deodorizing in one step!
Item No. CNR300
463. No Rinse Hair Conditioner
No Rinse ready to use Hair Conditioner.
Item No. CNR540
464. No Rinse Peri Wash
Helps cleanse private areas, leaving skin refreshed and odor free.
Item No. CNR700
465. No Rinse Peri Wash Gallon
Helps cleanse hygienic areas, leaving them fresh and clean.
Item No. CNR710
466. No Rinse Body Bath
Removes dirt and oil - no rinsing required!!
Item No. CNR9
467. No Rinse Body Wash
Moisturizes as it cleans!
Item No. CNR940
468. Akton Polymer Commode Pad
Provides comfort and relief from pressure
Item No. COM
469. Disability Parking Placard Hanger
Fastens a disabled placard safely and securely to the neck of your rear-view mirror.
Item No. CPH401
470. Independence Cups and Mugs
Translucent mug makes it easy to monitor liquid intake.
Item No. CPS10
471. Independence Clear Mug with Long Handle
Clear polycarbonate that makes it easy to monitor liquid intake.
Item No. CPS104
472. Independence Clear Mug with Two Handles
Dual handles for a secure grip.
Item No. CPS105
473. Independence Nosey Lid
Helps maintain proper head and neck position when swallowing.
Item No. CPS200
474. Independence Replacement Lids
Anti-splash lid
Item No. CPS210
475. Independence Vacuum Lid
Allows controlled intake of drinks
Item No. CPS220
476. Independence 2 Handled Nosey Cup
Ideal for those with swallowing problems. Two handles allow for easier holding and manipulation.
Item No. CPS230
477. Easy Grip In Mug
Designed for individuals suffering from severe arthritis that have difficulty grasping.
Item No. CRP
478. Comfort Cape
Ideal for people who are unable to recline or have neck pain.
Item No. CSE200
479. Vibrating Alarm Medication Reminder
Helps to remind you to take your medications.
Item No. CSG293
480. Magna Eye LED Pocket Magnifier
Helps you read small print.
Item No. CSG343
481. Wander Alarm with Motion Detector
Detects movement of a person in a bed, chair, room or doorway.
Item No. CSG3939
482. Wireless Wander Door Alarm
Alerts caregivers or staff when a family member, resident or patient attempts to leave a room or window, or wanders into an unsupervised area.
Item No. CSG5959
483. Wireless Personal Pager
Allows you to summon help without having to yell.
Item No. CSG6969
484. Supergrip Bendable Table Knife - Discontinued
Adjusts to any angle to accommodate reduced range of motion.
Item No. CSN117BK
485. Travel Toilet Aids
Provides assistance with independent hygiene.
Item No. CSN265
486. Reusable Drinking Straws
Available in Polyethylene or Plexiglas®.
Item No. CSP113
487. Zip Grips Zipper Rings
Easy to snap on small, hard-to-grasp zipper tabs.
Item No. CSP200
488. Zip It Zipper Pull
Makes zipping anything easier!
Item No. CSP201
489. Ring Zipper Pull
Zipping just got easier!!
Item No. CSP202
490. UV-C Sanitizing Furniture & Bed Vacuum
Kills germs, bed bugs, dust mite and flea eggs on mattresses and bedding without damaging fabrics.
Item No. CVX071
491. Garden Seat Caddy
Perfect for yard work when a seated position is needed.
Item No. GC400P
492. Little Boost Platform
Helps you get up and down from your chair easier.
Item No. LBP450
493. Cane Expressions Cane Covers
Dress up old and unadorned canes with stylish stretchy pull-on cane sleeves.
Item No. MCE410
494. D Size Oxygen Holder for Walkers
Helps you maneuver an oxygen tank and a rolling walker at the same time.
Item No. MCS1100D
495. E Size Walker Oxygen Tank Holder
Helps users regain their confidence and independence to move about as needed.
Item No. MCS1100E
496. Cane Stay
Prevents your cane from falling.
Item No. MCS400
497. Easy to Use Walker Coasters
Helps your walker slide smoothly in all directions and over most surfaces.
Item No. MEU473
498. Universal Crutch Carry On
Helps keep essential items handy without interfering with mobility.
Item No. MEZ015
499. EZ Access Scooter Pack
Helps store and transport personal items securely.
Item No. MEZ122
500. EZ Access Wheelchair Pack
Helps store personal belongings.
Item No. MEZ200BK
501. Walker Caddy :: Walker Tray
Carry a variety of personal items, even drinks and meals safely and independently on your walker.
Item No. MJB5770
502. Pendulator Universal Cup Holder
Keeps your beverage in the upright position and helps reduce spills!
Item No. MMI400
503. See 4 Safety Mobility Light
Hands free clip on light for walkers, canes and rollators.
Item No. MNP400
504. Penco Walkerballs
Helps you effortlessly slide your walker across most surfaces.
Item No. MPM40
505. Gel Crutch Top Covers
Designed for the ultimate in crutch comfort and skin protection!
Item No. MSR401
506. Gel Crutch Handle Covers
Crutch Handle Covers attach right on top of the existing foam or rubber hand grips.
Item No. MSR402
507. Gel ForeArm Crutch Handle Covers
Attach over the existing foam or rubber crutch hand grips.
Item No. MSR403
508. Gel Walker Handle Covers
Fit over the side tubes of all brands of traditional walkers.
Item No. MSR404
509. Gel Rollator Handle Covers
Zip on over the open end of the Rollator grip and on top of the existing handle.
Item No. MSR405
510. Gel Wraps for Swing Away Wheelchair Footrests
Helps protect user's legs from cold, hard metal wheelchair leg-rests.
Item No. MSR406
511. Recliner Riser
Helps make standing or sitting easier.
Item No. MST2096
512. Bedside Econorail
Helps make transfer in and out of bed easy.
Item No. MST5100
513. Stable Rail
Helps provide extra stability when standing up.
Item No. MST5800
514. 30 Inch Safety Bed Rail
Helps prevent falling out of bed and can be used for assistance to sit up in bed.
Item No. MST8050
515. 30 Inch Safety Bed Rail with Padded Pouch
Helps prevent the user from falling out of bed and can be used as a hand rail.
Item No. MST8051
516. Dycem Non-Slip 8 inch Round Mats
Helps hold plates, bowls or glasses securely in place.
Item No. NC0208
517. ADL Right Angle Holder
Use with an ADL cuff to hold pens and pencils at a right angle position to the palm.
Item No. NC21025
518. Ergo Long Handled Dust Pan & Broom
Sweep up dust and dirt without having to bend over.
Item No. NC24044
519. Norco Molded Sock Aid with Cord Handle
Helps put on socks with only one hand and less bending over.
Item No. NC26600
520. Norco Molded Sock Aid with Two Handles
Helps you slip on socks easily without having to bend over.
Item No. NC26602
521. Waterproof Cutting Board
Suction feet and food guards make this cutting board user friendly.
Item No. NC28
522. Good Grips Jar Opener
Non slip grip for easy opening of twist off lids.
Item No. NC28199
523. Dycem Nonslip Jar Opener
This jar opener provides a soft, sure grip on bottles and jars.
Item No. NC28202
524. Dycem Bottle Opener
Helps those with a weak grip.
Item No. NC282021
525. Zim Jar Opener
Can be mounted to a wall or under a counter.
Item No. NC2821
526. Stove Top Pot Holder
Helps eliminate accidents and spills.
Item No. NC28221
527. Key Turner Kit
Custom molded to your key.
Item No. NC28257
528. T Turning Handle
Provides leverage and a secure grip.
Item No. NC28283
529. Hand Held Portable Shower
Enables you to shower while sitting on a shower chair or transfer bench.
Item No. NC28324
530. Body Care Long Handle Brushes and Combs
Assistance for persons who have difficulty using a standard brush or comb.
Item No. NC2837
531. Easy On Utensil Holder
Assists persons needing help holding eating or writing utensils
Item No. NC28433
532. Swedish Cutting Board
Special cutting board holds food in place while you cut it
Item No. NC28502
533. FeatherLite Reachers
Helps you pick up hard-to-reach items without bending over.
Item No. NC2852
534. Long Handle Bath Sponges
Long handle sponge assists those with limited reach.
Item No. NC2864
535. Good Grips Button Hook
Helps make buttoning your clothes easier!
Item No. NC28667
536. Toilet Tissue Aid
Spring Clip holds toilet tissue
Item No. NC28708
537. Bath Safe Adjustable Bath and Shower Seats
Assists in sitting or standing and makes personal hygiene easier.
Item No. NC28964
538. Bath Safe Raised Toilet Seat with Arms
Features molded in arms for security and support.
Item No. NC28966
539. Dycem Non-Slip Mats
Non-slip material keeps plates and cups from sliding !!
Item No. NC3510
540. Dycem Strips Package of 3
Gives utensils a more secure grip.
Item No. NC35111
541. Sure Fit Food Guard
Inconspicuous design!
Item No. NC35244
542. Good Grips Utensil Strap
Ideal for persons with limited grip.
Item No. NC3534
543. GripWare Partitioned Scoop Dish
Non Skid feet keep the dish from sliding.
Item No. NC35699
544. Spreadboard - Discontinued
Making a sandwich just got easier!!
Item No. NC35789
545. Dr. Joseph's Original Footbrush
Wash your feet without bending over!
Item No. NC38336
546. Good Grips Individual Utensils
Ideal for those with a weak grasp
Item No. NC655
547. Good Grips Rocker Knife with Serrated Blade
Ergonomically designed to fit the palm comfortably
Item No. NC65585
548. Good Grips Coated Spoons
Coated to protect teeth and lips
Item No. NC6559
549. Good Grips Utensils Set
Ergonomically designed to fit the palm comfortably and softly
Item No. NC65590S
550. Good Grips Rolling Knife
Winner of the Tylenol/Arthritis Foundation Design Award
Item No. NC65601
551. Good Grips Swivel Peeler
Puts Less Tension on the Hands.
Item No. NC65602
552. OXO Good Grips Utility Knife
The soft, non-slip handle makes our Utility Knife as safe as it is comfortable to use.The sharp stainless steel blade is serrated to easily cut through most anything.
Item No. NC65603
553. OXO Good Grips Slicer Knife
Soft, non-slip handle to make cutting more comfortable
Item No. NC65609
554. TelAgenda Calender and Photo Display Frame
Displays Appointments, Occasions, Medication Schedules & Text Messages on the day of their occurrence.
Item No. TEL001
555. Elasto-Gel Therapy Mitten :: Hot or Cold Arthritis Therapy
Serves both hot and cold therapy applications.
Item No. TM7001
556. Verilux Desk Lamp
Brighter, produces less glare and helps your eyes.
Item No. VD9540
557. Verilux® Heritage™ Full Spectrum Deluxe Desk Lamp
All the benefits of full spectrum daylight, without any of the harmful UV and glare.
Item No. VD9541
558. Verilux® Floor Lamp
This lamp is brighter, produces less glare and helps your eyes and mood.
Item No. VD9560
559. Verilux Heritage Floor Lamp
Timeless design full spectrum floor lamp built to last generations.
Item No. VF9560
560. Verilux EasyFlex Full Spectrum Floor Lamp
Colors will look more vibrant and black and white contrast is enhanced.
Item No. VF9561
561. Verilux® UV-C Sanitizing Wand
Use to sanitize bedding, sofas, baby toys, toothbrushes, cooking utensils, counters and bathroom fixtures.
Item No. VH37113
562. Portable Sanitizing Wand
Lets you sanitize your home away from home.
Item No. VH37117
563. Adjustable Folding Cane with Ergonomic Handle
Helps provide steady and safe support while walking.
Item No. AWM402
564. Back Spa Back Scrubber
Helps stimulate your body and relax away tensions.
Item No. AMC223
565. Basic Econo Hip Kit with Ergo Plus Reacher
Helps those with limited mobility.
Item No. AKE37005
566. BipGrip Pen Grip
Makes any standard pen, pencil or crayon easy to hold.
Item No. CPS300
567. Chili Pad Mattress Topper
Water based heating and cooling system for your mattress.
Item No. CPS5
568. CleanWave UVC Portable Toothbrush Sanitizer
Eliminates germs and bacteria from your toothbrush.
Item No. CVL334
569. Easy Grip Jar and Bottle Opener
Helps you easily unscrew lids of all sizes.
Item No. AKE171
570. Elasto-Gel Cervical Collar
Helps relieve the pain of neck injuries.
Item No. AST510
571. Elasto-Gel Lumbar Wrap
Helps provide relief of aches and pains of the lower back and hips whether you have an acute or a chronic injury.
Item No. AST5
572. Elasto-Gel Sinus Mask
Great for sinus pain relief! Use for cold therapy to reduce swelling, or moist heat therapy to stimulate blood flow.
Item No. AST301
573. Every Lip Block Combinatin Pack
Prevents individuals from inserting a straw too far into mouth.
Item No. CEH105
574. Granny Jo Dignity Mug
Allows those with limited hand strength to drink by themselves.
Item No. MGJ105
575. HappyLight 6000 Sunshine Supplement Light System
Experience improved energy, health and mood naturally without artificial stimulants.
Item No. CVL395
576. LEVO BookHolder Stand
Enjoy reading your book hands free!
Item No. ALB336
577. LEVO Desk Bookholder
Holds your reading material while you take notes or type.
Item No. ALB340
578. LEVO LED Book Light
Handy light for all sorts of applications.
Item No. ALB391
579. Natural Spectrum Book and Travel Light
Helps direct light right where you need it.
Item No. CVL355
580. Natural Spectrum PageLight
Illuminates each page while marking your place.
Item No. CVL352
581. Rigid Lip Blocks
Fits most standard drinking straws.
Item No. CEH102
582. Rise and Shine Wake Up Light
Helps you wake up naturally.
Item No. CVL394
583. Silipos Moisturizing Gel Elbow Sleeve
Softens dry skin, protects and cushions the elbow.
Item No. CMI511
584. Silipos Moisturizing Gel Heel Sleeves
Provides protection, hydration, and conditioning for dry, cracked heels.
Item No. CMI507
585. Silipos Moisturizing Gel Terry Cloth Gloves
Provides warmth and comfort for arthritic hands.
Item No. CMI512
586. Smart-Rail Leg Extender
Adds rail height to the Smart-Rail Bed Rail for taller users or thicker mattresses.
Item No. CHP412
587. Smart-Rail System Bed Rail
Provides better standing support with less reaching and twisting.
Item No. CHP410
588. Soft Flexible Lip Blocks
Helps with lip and tongue function.
Item No. CEH150
589. SuperPole System
Secure and safe support bar for sitting, standing or transferring.
Item No. CHP430
590. SuperPole System with SuperBar
Provides additional assistance for standing and sitting transfers.
Item No. CHP431
591. SuperPole Unifit Extender
Enables individuals to make secure transfers in the bedroom and bathroom.
Item No. CHP432
592. Synergel Dimensions Gel Cushion
1/2 inch gel pad cushions and comforts arthritic joints.
Item No. MSR51
593. Verilux Easy Read Illuminated Magnifier
Helps brighten and magnify anything you want to read.
Item No. CVL313
594. Verilux Magnifier Lamp Accessory
Helps people with aging eyes see small details.
Item No. CVL300
All prices in US Dollars

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Couch Cane
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Health Circle Sliding Transfer Bench
Only $199.99
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Allows you to comfortably and safely enter the tub or shower.
EZGrip Pen Grips
Only $2.95
Grips can be attached to or replace existing grips on most pens and pencils.
SuperPole System
Only $179.95
Secure and safe support bar for sitting, standing or transferring.
Synergel Dimensions Gel Cushion
Only $79.95
1/2 inch gel pad cushions and comforts arthritic joints.
Easy Grip Jar and Bottle Opener
Only $10.95
Helps you easily unscrew lids of all sizes.
Silipos Moisturizing Gel Heel Sleeves
Only $14.95
Provides protection, hydration, and conditioning for dry, cracked heels.
Silipos Moisturizing Gel Terry Cloth Gloves
Only $24.95
Provides warmth and comfort for arthritic hands.
Granny Jo Dignity Mug
Only $6.95
Allows those with limited hand strength to drink by themselves.

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