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The Smoother “Air Ride” Trailer Hitch for Your Horse Trailer, Boat Trailer or Any Trailer Hitch Need

The Only “True Air Ride” 5th Wheel, Gooseneck, Receiver Hitch With “Multi-Directional” Air Controlled Action. Safer Trailer Hitches for your Horse, Boat, Car, or RV Trailer

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Without “True Air” Side to Side Action You Have Frame “Twisting”
“True Air” Side to Side Action Stops Frame “Twisting”

No One Else Offers This Exclusive “True Air” Side to Side Motion

The Only “Air Ride” 5th Wheel On the Market Today That Gives You “TRUE AIR” “8 Way Action.” Why Settle For Anything Less ? We Aren’t The Cheapest, Or The Most Expensive, But We Do Offer The Most Benefits Of Any “Air Ride” Trailer Hitch On The Market. 5K to 25K Fifth Wheel, one hitch does it all, no need to buy another hitch if you get a larger trailer.

We Offer The Most Complete Line Of “Air Ride” Trailer Hitches From Any One Manufacturer

The Advanced “Air Ride” Trailer Hitch System utilizes “HEAVY DUTY” air bags to absorb the shock, bounce and vibration that usually come with pulling a trailer with a hard connection hitch.  This allows the trailer to rock back and forth on its natural axis as it was originally designed to do.

The bottom line is the ride. Enjoy an 80% smoother ride and a 75% safer tow.  Driver fatigue is greatly reduced and your family, friends, and animals will enjoy the smoother less bouncy ride.  The wear and tear on your truck and trailer will be greatly reduced.

The best example I can think of is going over a speed bump. The front wheels go over the bump (thump), the rear wheels go over the bump (thump), the trailer goes over the bump (thump).  This  is hard on equipment and passengers.  With the Air Ride Trailer Hitch the front wheels go thump, the rear wheels go thump, the trailer goes over the bump and all you notice the trailer gently rise up and down (NO THUMP), in reverse, the trailer did not feel the truck go over the bump either.  Imagine eliminating this much of the bumps on a concrete highway with tar strips every few feet. It is a big difference and a vast improvement for all.

If you tow with a light truck or SUV you are probably experiencing problems caused by light or mushy suspension supplied by the manufacturer for a smoother ride.  This causes the suspension to wear out quicker and can also make for some very scary moments when doing a quick, emergency evasive maneuver.  The “Air Ride” Hitch System eliminates these problems as the airbag is absorbing most of the road shock and vibration you have experienced in the past.  As the two units move independently from each other, the trailer tracks better and rough road handling problems are virtually eliminated.  There will be a big, big savings on the wear and tear of your suspension also.

Medium Duty Truck owners (International, Freightliner, Ford 450-550). If you are towing with one of the larger trucks you probably have experienced or seen broken welds and other problems like side wall flexing because of the heavy duty suspensions on these rigs (if you haven’t you will eventually, as all the trailers will break up given time, these are expensive repairs).  Just to stiff for RV’s to handle.  They are great trucks and can still be used without any problems as the Air Ride Trailer Hitch eliminates all the above problems.  Your trailer has no idea what the truck suspension is doing as it is separated and cushioned from the truck by the airbags. Some trailer manufactures are voiding warranties on their trailers if they are towed with anything heavier than a standard one ton truck.

You can add air springs to the truck and to the trailer, this will not fix the problem if you still have a hard connection hitch.  Fix the problem at the source, with the Air Ride Trailer Hitch you do not need air suspension on the trailer or truck unless you just want all the comfort you can get and don’t mind paying for it.

The Air Ride Hitch is a lasting investment as it can be easily transferred to a new vehicle and give you years and years of good service.

Our 25K “Super Duty” Gooseneck With Its Self Centering, Self Locking Coupler, is Built “Semi-TRUCK tOUGH” For Those Heavy Loads. Buy The Best.  They Last A Long Time.  Available In Standard Or Extended (Western Hauler)

Receiver Hitches,  We Have Them All.  Weight Distribution, Ball Mount, Ball-Pintle. Class 3 - Class 4 - Medium Duty - Commercial Duty - Dual Commercial Duties”. If You Can Tow It, We Have An “Air Ride” Trailer Hitch To Tow It With.

We Have An “Air Ride” Hitch For Any Trailer Towing Application. If You Don’t See It On This Site, Please Call And Let Us Know Your Needs.  Please Surf The Site And Enjoy The “Sights”.  Thanks For Your Interest In Our Hitches.

Air Ride Gooseneck, Receiver, Fifth Wheel and 5th Wheel Hitches For Your Horse, Boat, Race Car and RV. For Your Jeep Or Motorcycle. Even For Your Llamas.  Takes The Shock Out Of Your Medium Duty Toter, International, Freightliner, Peterbuilt, Ford, Chevrolet, Or Dodge. We Have A Trailer Hitch That Will Make Your Towing Experience A Special One. No Matter What You Are Towing, Travel Trailers, Horse Trailers, Race Car Trailers, Buggy Trailers, Boat Trailers.  Reese, Putnam, Drawtite, Pullrite, Fontaine,Valley, and Others All Make A Good Hitch, But None Of them Have The Complete Line Of Airride Hitches That We Do And None Of Them Will Give You The Smooth Ride And Multiple Direction Of Movement That We Provide. Super Duty Hiches Are Here, More Capacity Than Our Heavy Duty Models. This could also be a great business opportunity for the right person or Company. If you tow with the following brands, you should use an airride hitch. Kountry Air, Jayco, King of the Road, Komfort, Nuwa, Hitchhiker, Thor, Prowler, Cardinal,Fleetwood,Sunnybrook, Week end Warrior, Newmar, Coachman, Sandpiper, Keystone, Wildwood, Terry, Springdale, Rockwood, Prowler, Carriage, Innsbrook, Teton Homes, Alfa, Dutchman, Exiss, Featherlite, Forest aaRiver, Holiday Rambler, Kit, Sooner.


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