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Unitron Moda Unison 3 Open-Ear Hearing Aids


The original Moda 3 has been replaced by newer models, for more information please
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The Unitron Moda Unison 3 is a part of the Unison family of hearing aids. Unison hearing aids are geared toward providing more high-value features at a low cost, as well as being flexible for the widest range of hearing losses.

An ultra-small, ultra-stylish, lightweight 10A BTE, the Unitron Moda Unison 3's tiny profile, coupled with inconspicuous slim tube open fittings make it a great choice for style-conscious clients. In fact, the tubes are so slim, they're virtually invisible. Transparent, tiny plastic domes can replace custom earmolds. Additionally, the slim tubes offer better venting, and keep your ear canal from being blocked, for more natural listening.

The Unitron Moda Unison 3 also can be paired with standard earmolds, for those with different needs. Find out which earmold is best for you.

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Powerful Technology

  • Quiet mode expansion
  • Up to 3 memories
  • 3 Channels
  • 6 Bands
  • WDRC Linear Limiting
  • Dual Directional Microphone System
  • Mulitiband feedback manager
  • Start up mute
  • Program beep indicator
  • Low battery warning
  • Optional Telecoil
  • Wind noise manager
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Who its For

  • People with mild to severe hearing losses including high-frequency hearing losses.
  • Those seeking high-value, communication-enhancing features, proven performance, and outstanding value.
  • Those who have active lifestyles, often in group conversations and diverse listening environments.
The Unitron Moda Unison 3 can also be configured in two ways: Slim Tubes with open fit, or with a Standard Earmold for those with more severe loss. Compare yourself to see which is best for you:

Unitron Moda Unison 3 with Slim Tube, Open Fittings

  • Good for new hearing instrument wearers.
  • Those seeking a cosmetically appealing solution.
  • Mild to moderately severe sloping.
  • High-frequency losses.
  • Those concerned with occlusion.

Unitron Moda Unison 3 with Standard Earmold

  • Ideal for those requiring more overall gain.
  • Moderate to moderately severe sloping.
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All Unitron Hearing Aids come with a three year Unitron Factory warranty. The warranty covers all parts and labor at no cost to you. The factory warranty also covers one time hearing aid loss/damage replacement. The loss/damage replacement is one time per aid and coverage is for one year. There is a $250 deductible charge for loss/damage replacement.

Advanced Hearing gives you a 45 day money back period starting on the day we overnight your Hearing Aids to you. If, for any reason, you decide to return the undamaged Hearing Aids to us during the money back period we will return the total price of the Hearing Aids. We do not return the shipping fee.

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