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Gn ReSound Air 60+ Open-Ear Hearing Aids


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The ReSound AIR's tiny casing, and with nearly invisible slim tube open fittings offer a cosmetically appealing solution, as well as a comfortable fit. Instead of the traditional method of taking a custom mold of your ear for sound delivery, the Gn Resound AIR has an "open fit" - tiny earbuds that leave your ear canal open, and are less noticable.

Gn Resound AIR's open fit makes for a more comfortable hearing aid. Much more comfortable. It also makes them some of the least noticeable hearing aids available.

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Every Gn Resound AIR comes with ComforTec Technology, a combonation of hardware and software that reduces occlusion and feedback noise. Its Stabilizerô DFS feedback management allows for an open fitting without the usual sacrifice in gain, providing an additional 12-15 dB of high frequency gain. Multi-Band Noise Reduction makes listening easier in both quiet and noisy environments. WarpOpen provides leveling for better quality sound.

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Who It's For

This hearing aid is a great choice for people who experience mild or high-frequency hearing loss. Its open fit approach makes wearing them more comfortable, and natural. The open fit also reduces occlusion - that echo in your voice when your ear canal is blocked.

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What You Get

The ReSound AIR 60+ can be ordered in two colors, gray or blonde. The AIR 60+ comes with a case, cleaning tool, and owners manual; additionally, Advanced Hearing includes an ear mold and dome with each order. By default your order is sent with 1b size tubes and a medium sized dome, the most common fit. If you have a different fitting size, we'll send it with your order at request. Feel free to call 1-800-301-3137 if you have questions about fitting.

The ReSound AIR can be reconfigured to a ReSound AIR Plus, providing an additional 5 db of gain. The additional gain extends the fitting range of AIR Plus 10 db in comparison to the standard ReSound AIR.

Since the AIR is programmable, we can program it to your audiogram before shipment at no charge, if you provide us with your audiogram. After the initial programming, ReSound AIRs take very little tuning, and are very reliable.

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GN ReSound Open-Ear Hearing Aids come with a Gn ReSound two year factory warranty that covers all parts and Labor. In addition, during the warranty period the GN ReSound AIR 60+ Open-Ear Hearing Aids are covered under a one-time-per-aid loss/damage policy with a $250.00 deductible.

Added to this comprehensive GN ReSound factory warranty is Advanced Hearing's 45 day money back period starting on the day we overnight your Hearing Aids to you. If, for any reason, you decide to return the undamaged Hearing Aids to us during the money back period we will return the total price of the Hearing Aids. We do not return the shipping fee.

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