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  • 6 Channels, 6 Bands, and up to 3 memories.
  • Low battery alert. Reminds you with a tone when it's time to change batteries.
  • Start up mute.
  • ASP Noise Suppression. Keeps noise down, and lets you hear the sounds that matter.

A Subtle Look

Moda's tiny profile, coupled with inconspicuous slim tube open fittings offers a great, cosmetically appealing solution for peaople who want their hearing aid to work with their life. Ultra-small, ultra-stylish, the lightweight 10A BTE has virtually invisible slim tube open fittings. Tiny, transparant plastic domes replace custom earmolds, for a hearing aid that you, and those around you, won't even notice.

Practical Extras

  • Wind noise manager
  • Startup Mute
  • Adaptive feedback canceling
  • Noise supression
  • Larger venting for better sound quality and more natural listening.
  • Quiet mode expansion
  • WDRC
  • ASP Noise Suppression
  • Adaptive Compression
  • Linear Limiting
  • Dual Directional Microphone System
  • Adaptive feedback canceller & mulitiband feedback manager
  • Program beep indicator
  • Optional Telecoil

Who This Hearing Aid is For

This hearing aid is a great choice for people with mild to severe hearing loss, including high-frequency loss. Those with active lifestyles will love it's communication-enhancing features and proven performance. It's subtle profile makes it great for new wearers, and those needing a non-obvious solution. People with differing needs can pair it with either slim tube open fittings or standard earmolds. When paired with a standard earmold, the Moda is ideal for those requiring more overall gain, or have moderate sloping.

Warranty Information:

All Unitron Moda Hearing Aids come with a three year Unitron Factory warranty. The warranty covers all parts and labor at no cost to you.

The factory warranty also covers one time hearing aid loss/damage replacement. The loss/damage replacement is one time per aid and coverage is for one year. There is a $200 deductible charge for loss/damage replacement.

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