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You Don't Want to Live in My House
Prison video's chilling message hits home

This 30-minute documentary was produced primaily by prison inmates, showing the reality of being confined to prison: life behind walls, the daily monotony, no freedom or privacy, and loneliness. You Don't Want to Live in My House was created by the inmates to deter juveniles from crime, by giving them a first hand look at what it's really like behind bars. Inmates give heartfelt confessions about missing their families and a truly eye-opening tour of their dreadful living conditions. They talk about how doing drugs, being in gangs, and just hanging out with the wrong crowd got them in the position they are in today.

Quotes about Documentary

"You Don't Want to Live in My House is a compelling video that offers young teens a glimpse of what prison life is really like, eschewing scare tactics or melodrama in favor of well-edited sound bites from men of all ethnicities and ages describing their experiences, much of which revolve around absolute boredom and a total lack of control over their lives."
--Video Librarian

"The inmates...may have done more for crime prevention than all the legislators, politicians and law enforcement personnel in the state."
--Green Bay Press Gazette, February 22, 2005

"Will clearly hellp our understanding about teen depression, a very real problem affection our children."
--Daniel A. Nerad, Superintedent of Green Bay Area Public Schools

26th Annual Telly Awards Finalist
American Library Association 2006 Selected Video/DVD for Young Adults
WorldFest-Houston Platinum Remi Award
Aurora Gold Award

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