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NZ Research & Commentary This DVD-1 is a “must see” for a thorough education on the whole “smacking”

When we sat and watched the DVD with some friends who weren’t fully informed
on the issue, they were really shocked about it because they didn’t realize
the repercussions of Sue Bradford’s Bill to repeal Section 59 !

The impressive introduction by Renton, outlining the pro-repeal groups’
attacks on Craig Smith and traditional corporal correction, opened their
eyes to the very nasty tactics of the “other side”, and made them want to
hear and learn more!

Our friends were further enlightened about the debacle when they listened to
Craig’s discerning and well-studied look at Section 59, the words “force”
and “assault”, the U.N. involvement, the abortion myth and juggernaut,
and his exploration of the disastrous implications for parents, should
Section 59 be repealed.

When Craig scrupulously interviews the Swedish lawyer, Ruby
Harrold-Claesson, she expertly and knowledgeably relates the facts of the
deteriorating and disastrous consequences taking place for families in
Sweden today because of the laws against corporal correction there. After
this last, thought-provoking interview in the DVD’s trilogy of reports, one
cannot help but be convicted of the urgent need to stand against the treason
intended towards the Biblically traditional role of parental authority and
discipline here in New Zealand.

We urge everyone who cares about their children, grandchildren, nieces,
nephews, etc., to watch the DVD and help spread the real truth about the
intended repeal of S. 59, before the time is gone to help retain it in our

- Kevin & Lois
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