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Smacking in Brief

Who: Smacking is done by parents and anyone to whom the parents have delegated the responsibility of correcting, training or disciplining their child.

What: Smacking is an effective parenting tool for correcting a child’s rebellious actions and attitudes from self-centredness, training him to do what is right and disciplining him to show respect for property and legitimate authority.

When: As soon as possible when the child manifests serious rebellion such as Disobedience, Dishonesty, Disrespect or Destructiveness.

Where: In private.

Why: Smacking is an expression of love, commitment and responsible parenting toward the child’s best interests.

How: Smacking is spanking, discipline, chastisement or corporal correction. It may be the controlled, measured, purposeful and judicial use of reasonable force such as a flexible rod applied to the clothed bottom or a parent’s hand applied to the child’s clothed bottom or hand, forearm or leg. It is preceded, accompanied and followed by verbal instruction, reproof, affirmation and guidance, all within a context of loving, long-term parental commitment.

The above information is available in a colour brochure, A Working Definition of Smacking, that can be downloaded free of charge from:
A Working Definition of Smacking

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