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The Brand New Matrix TR Arena - Designed to Out-Handle, Out-Corner & Out-Race Any Competitor!!!


$800.00 Reg.

$449.95 SALE

The Matrix TR Arena is designed and driven by 3 USA National Champions Gene Hickerson, Andrew Smolnick, and Jason Ashton. It is designed to out-handle, out-corner, and out-race any competitor. The all new truggy by CEN Racing is unbeatable.

*** Recent Wins and Achievements ***
- 2006 R/C Car Action Monster Madness - TQ and Win
- ROAR Florida State Series (rd 6) - TQ and Win

Why does the Matrix TR Arena have the best handling of any truggy:
  • Engine placed towards the front of the truck for effective weight transfer
  • Extended chassis for increased stability on bumpy tracks
  • Composite arched chassis brace reduces the weight of the truggy and prevents chassis flex
  • Increased front kickup for better rough track handling
  • Adjustable wheelbase with a 10mm adjustment range (365-375mm)
  • 23mm wheel hex
  • Low profile body with high downforce wing
  • Low CG design throughout
  • Unlimited setup options
CEN Racing is proud to announce the new Matrix TR Arena truggy to accompany the Matrix in CENís racing stable. The Matrix TR Arena may look similar at first glance to the Matrix, but the similarity is only skin deep. The Matrix TR Arena is not a converted Matrix with long arms. The components have been redesigned to take the beatings that truggies go through. Starting with the Big Bore 16.5mm diameter shocks, super long suspension arms that enable sure and steady handling, rugged 6 gear sealed differentials that can be fully tuned with silicone diff oil.

CEN Engineers designed the Matrix TR Arena with high performance, lightweight, ease of adjustment, along with simple maintenance in mind. The composite arched chassis braces reduce the chassis flex but without the added weight of using aluminum braces. And if you want to tune differentials, just remove six screws and that's it! The Matrix TR arena is a truggy that you wonít dread to wrench on.

Along with the new chassis braces, the steering and suspension have been optimized to work with the larger truck wheels. Truggies are known for power and the Matrix TR Arena doesnít disappoint, the TR .28 pull start engine will have you throwing rooster tails around your backyard in no time. With all the power the TR .28 puts out, donít worry about rounding out those tiny 17mm hex wheels, the Matrix TR Arena comes equipped with 23mm wheel hexes. If you want a 1/8th scale high power truggy, the Matrix TR Arena has arrived and is waiting for you RIGHT HERE!

rc truck, remote control truck, radio control truck, nitro truck, CEN Racing 144oz, Metal Gear, Ball Bearing Servos
The RTR version of Matrix TR Arena includes 144oz high torque servos for both steering and throttle. Those high torque servos are made of high qualify aluminum internal gears support by ball bearings. You will never need to spend $200 to upgrade your servos.

Chassis Braces
The Matrix TR Arena utilizes composite horizontal arched chassis braces provide an extremely rigid chassis without compromising the weight of the truck. The design adds minimal side flex which aids the truck in bumpy conditions while providing more traction.

Shocks Construction
Large 16.5 mm aluminum shock bodies provide extremely plush suspension that soaks up the ruts and bumps. Big Bore Shocks with 14mm width pistons and extremely durable 3.5mm shock shafts.

rc truck, remote control truck, radio control truck, nitro truck, CEN Racing Suspension Geometry
Fully adjustable and offers superior handling in rough conditions. The Matrix TR Arena utilizes long A arms for added stability and smoother weight distribution.

Captured Hinge Pins
The Matrix TR Arena uses a captured hinge pin that reduces the use of e-clips while offering a smooth and effective suspension.

Engine Placement
Engine placement is a key factor in the truggy class. The Matrix TR Arena has the engine placed more towards the front of the vehicle. This provides the truck with more steering and effective weight transfer.

Fuel Tank
The Matrix TR Arena fuel tank is 150cc and is equipped with a built in fuel filter and splash reservoir system. Fuel tank is mounted as close to the chassis as possible to maximize low CG effect.

rc truck, remote control truck, radio control truck, nitro truck, CEN Racing 4 Disc Metal Brake System
This new system stops the lighting fast Matrix TR Arena on a dime. Features include vented brake discs along with fully adjustable front and rear brake controls. Matrix TR Arena is the only truggy in the market with front/rear adjustable brakes.

Lightweight CNC Steel Spur Gear
The CNC Steel Spur is not only extremely durable, but has been milled to lighten it up. The lighter spur gear reduces the rotating mass which greatly affects the efficiency of the drive train.

Change Setup
Changing your anti-squat and toe in is extremely easy. The anti-squat and toe in are both built into one rear block. Change only one block (4 screws) when changing your set up. There are 6 different options to choose from. Fine tuning your Matrix TR Arena is quick and easy with this innovative system.

Durability You Can See
The Matrix TR Arena utilizes CEN's extremely durable turn buckle system which is very beefy yet lightweight. The turn buckles are hollow to increase strength and reduce weight. The rod ends are super thick for unmatched durability.

rc truck, remote control truck, radio control truck, nitro truck, CEN Racing 23mm Wheel Hex's For Increased Durability
Matrix TR Arena is equipped with 23 wheel hex. They are 40% stronger than standard 17mm hex on most trucks. Truck can utilize standard offset and 1/2in offset 23mm wheels.

6 Spoke Lightweight Racing Wheels With Racing Pin Style Threads
Highly developed soft compound provides more contact surface and grip, lasts longer, more cornering speed and faster acceleration.

Lightweight Composite Radio Tray
The Matrix TR Arena is equipped with a light weight composite radio tray that is designed with strength, weight and simplicity in mind. No more heavy metal posts.

Low CG Design
Laid down steering servo design is utilized to maximize low CG effect. Everything is designed to sit lower from differential, radio tray, radio box, center diff, to engine mounting.

If you want more information about Manual Upgrades, Operation Instruction, Replacement Parts, Action Shots and Action Videos, CLICK HERE NOW!

In just a few days YOU CAN BE THE PROUD OWNER of this nitro-powered MATRIX TR ARENA truggy!!

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