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Rainew 111 Tipping Bucket Gauge
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All Weather Rain Gauge
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Rainew Rain Log with Gauge & Stand


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The Rainew series of gauges meet the National Weather Service specifications for accuracy.  The tipping bucket rain gauges come with an 8” orifice and numerous options.

The wired units come standard with a 60 foot cable.  Longer cables are available upon request.

The Rainew 111 comes with a single display unit that will display up to 9.99 inches of rainfall in 1 /100th increments.

The Rainew 211 comes with a dual display that shows current rainfall up to 9.99 inches AND accumulated rainfall up to 99.9 inches. The Accumulation counter has a separate reset.

The Rainew Wireless comes standard with the Dual Display and it has a 300' range. The rain gauge requires two "AA" batteries for the Transmitter, 3 "D" cells and a lithium button battery (included) for the LCD receiver/display. This FCC approved system has provision for 4 different codes so that any interference with another frequency can be eliminated. The RAINEW collector has a lifetime guarantee. The transmitter, receiver, counters and switches are guaranteed for a year.

The Rainew RL is a self contained rain logger that stores data from tipping bucket rain gauges.  The RL includes software, serial cable and a battery, but it does not include a rain gauge.

The Rainew RLG includes the model RL, its accessories and the 8” tipping bucket rain collector.

The Rainew RLGS is identical to the RLG model except it includes a custom mounting stand that meets National Weather Service specifications.

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  • 8" Collector
  • Data Logger & Software
  • 3 foot NWS certified stand
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