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Rainew 111 Tipping Bucket Gauge
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All Weather Rain Gauge
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The All Weather Rain Gauge is manufactured to specifications of the United States Weather Bureau. The Official Rain Gauge measures rain snow, sleet and hail to the nearest 1/100th of an inch. It comes with a free one-year log sheet. Farmers, gardeners, weather enthusiasts, radio stations and TV stations use the Official Rain Gauge for accurate readings.

The amount of rainfall received is important to know, and is of particular significance to rural residents. Rainfall from a storm can vary more than three inches from one township to the next. With a hard driving rain, a decorative rain gauge can be off by as much as 25 percent! Use the Official Rain Gauge for precise measurements.

The Official All Weather Rain Gauge Features:

* Giant 11 Capacity
* Accuracy to 1/100th of an inch
* Easy to Read
* Rugged & Rustproof
* UV Resistant
* Simple to Install
* Available in Metric
* Collects Snow, Sleet and Hail

The top funnel of the rain gauge catches rain and delivers it to the one-inch capacity measuring tube. When the measuring tube is full, additional rain flows into the outer cylinder. Pour the rain water from the outer cylinder into the measuring tube. Now you can read the amount of rain you have received. Click here for more information on how an Official Rain Gauge collects precipitation.

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