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When to Use LEDs or Strobes...

LEDs provide a very high intensity focused light stream. They are visible in a 180 degree arc, but focuses the beam in a 50-60 degree arc. LEDs are extremely durable and have a battery life of up to 100 hours (flashing). The LED models are rated at
approximately 50,000 millicandelas and are visible for 2.5 miles. LEDs are frequently used where ever directional light is appropriate i.e. highway construction, personal safety for people who are directing traffic, bicycle safety, emergency/life locaters for hikers/boaters, school crossing guards, 911 home locaters etc.

Xenon Strobe lights provide an extreme high intensity burst of light over a full 180 degrees. They have the same intensity in all directions even while lying flat. They flash 83 times per minute and have a battery life cycle of 5 to 7 hours. Typical applications for strobes are: emergency/portable landing zone for helicopters, urban and forest firefighters, flare replacement, working in a severe or intense traffic situation.


    Description Price
1.   All Purpose LED Safety Light Kit
Item No. AllPSLK-LED
2.   All Purpose XENON STROBE Safety Light Kit
3.   Helicopter Landing Zone XENON STROBE Kit
Item No. Helicopter-SceneSKit
4.   Personal Roadside Safety XENON STROBE Kit
Item No. RoadsideKit
5.   Traffic Cone Illuminator LED Kit NSN6230015132551
Item No. TrafConeIllum
6.   Traffic Control LED Kit
Item No. TrafficCKit
All prices in US Dollars

Wired, Remote-Switch Models
Many of our Xenon strobe models are available with wired remote switches. These are ideal for wheelchairs, recumbent bicycles and others who prefer or need to have the switch at some distance from the light itself. Please inquire about availability.
Wordwide Users Include ...Federal Highway Administration Equips their “Alert Vehicle” with Lightman. These high technology police cruisers travel throughout the United States demonstrating state-of-the-art technologies to federal and state government and local public safety agencies.

US Armed Forces and Civilian Agencies can order directly from:
The Defense Logistics Agency – Defense Supply Center Philadelphia.

Click the following link to enter DSCP Lighting Page and access
Products of the Month”
, there you will find Lightman Products with their authorized National Stock Numbers (NSN).

Federal and State Departments and Agencies can purchase these items on line at Click on the link below and enter "Lightman" in product search.


Call our Sales Department at (800)634-4558 for availability and to place your order or to customize kits to meet your company's needs!


Call our Sales Department at (800)634-4558 for personalized service.