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Writing Aids for People with an Arthritis Handicap

Arthritic writing aids and pens designed to make writing more comfortable, even with an arthritis handicap.
    Description Price
1.   The Quick Desk
A comfortable work surface to write on when at home or on the road.
Item No. AAI005
2.   EZGrip Pen Grips
The rubber pen, pencil grips can be attached to or can replace existing grips on any pen, pencil or pencil-like tool for ease of use.
Item No. ADT71120
3.   EzGrip ResQ Gel Ergonomic Pen
Helps neutralizes hand difficulties due to arthritis immediately.
Item No. ADT82101
4.   Pen and Pencil Cushions
Provides a larger gripping surface and cushions grip.
Item No. AEN21
5.   Evo Pens Package of 2
Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation and is recommended by hand and occupational therapists.
Item No. AEP
6.   Neo Bird Writing Pen
Great relief for people with arthritis or hand ailments or injuries.
Item No. AIS300
7.   Ring Pen
Takes the 'shake' and muscle pain out of handling a pen.
Item No. AMI31
8.   Steady Write Pen
Features a permanently attached base that stabilizes your hand at a special angle to smooth out shaky or poor handwriting.
Item No. AMI33
9.   Ring Writer Clips
Positions and angles the pen or pencil correctly for use.
Item No. AMI340
10.   Ergo Writer
Correctly positions the thumb to reduce stress placed on the wrist.
Item No. AMI735061
11.   The Gripper
Offers a built-up grip for increased control of pens, pencils and other utensils.
Item No. AMI73606000
12.   Twist N Write Pencil 4 Pack
Pencil design promotes tripod grasp, writing control, and endurance.
Item No. APW0071
13.   Ergo Sof PenAgain
Ergonomically designed to adapt to the contour of the hand.
Item No. APW30
14.   Wanchik's Writer
Supports your writing utensil for a more relaxed hand when writing.
Item No. ASN318
15.   Wanchik's Junior Writer
Writing utensil holder that holds the pen for you.
Item No. ASN318J
16.   Lift Chair Table
Designed for use with lift chairs, standard recliners, or couches.
Item No. CDM13085
17.   Bed Desk
Can be adjusted to almost any angle for reading books.
Item No. CLBP1000
18.   BipGrip Pen Grip
Makes any standard pen, pencil or crayon easy to hold.
Item No. CPS300
19.   ADL Right Angle Holder
Use with an ADL cuff to hold pens and pencils at a right angle position to the palm.
Item No. NC21025
All prices in US Dollars

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Couch Cane
Only $129.95
On SALE for only $109.95
Free Couch Cane Organizer!
Health Circle Sliding Transfer Bench
Only $199.99
On SALE for only $149.95
Allows you to comfortably and safely enter the tub or shower.
EZGrip Pen Grips
Only $2.95
Grips can be attached to or replace existing grips on most pens and pencils.
SuperPole System
Only $179.95
Secure and safe support bar for sitting, standing or transferring.
Synergel Dimensions Gel Cushion
Only $79.95
1/2 inch gel pad cushions and comforts arthritic joints.
Easy Grip Jar and Bottle Opener
Only $10.95
Helps you easily unscrew lids of all sizes.
Silipos Moisturizing Gel Heel Sleeves
Only $14.95
Provides protection, hydration, and conditioning for dry, cracked heels.
Silipos Moisturizing Gel Terry Cloth Gloves
Only $24.95
Provides warmth and comfort for arthritic hands.
Granny Jo Dignity Mug
Only $6.95
Allows those with limited hand strength to drink by themselves.

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