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Arthritis disability Cups, Glasses, Mugs and Straws

Holding a cup or glass seems like such an easy task, but for people with an arthritis disability, it can be extremely difficult. These arthritis disability cups, glasses, mugs and straws make grasping and holding much easier for people with arthritic fingers and hands.
    Description Price
1.   Stickey Cup :: No Spill Drink Holder
Eliminate Spills! Super secure holder for cups, cans, bottles.
Item No. AJC15
2.   T Handle Mug
T Handle Mug accommodates a variety of grasping patterns.
Item No. AKE16017
3.   Arthritis Thumbs Up Cup
Designed for people with arthritis or limited hand strength.
Item No. AMI108
4.   Hand to Hand Mug
Easy and comfortable to grip with one or two hands.
Item No. AMI74598
5.   Drinking Straw Holder
Accepts all straw sizes
Item No. ATC35015
6.   Nosey Cups
Ideal for people with arthritis or limited range of motion of the head, neck or upper extremities.
Item No. CAM106
7.   Sip-Tip Cup
Makes drinking easier with the simple built-in one-way straw!
Item No. CEH100
8.   Rigid Lip Blocks
Fits most standard drinking straws.
Item No. CEH102
9.   Every Lip Block Combinatin Pack
Prevents individuals from inserting a straw too far into mouth.
Item No. CEH105
10.   Soft Flexible Lip Blocks
Helps with lip and tongue function.
Item No. CEH150
11.   Freedom Standard Suction Pad Cupholders
Standard Non Skid Suction Pad Cup Holder adjusts to hold 6 oz to 16 oz. cups, glasses or bottles.
Item No. CFP131
12.   Freedom Large Wheelchair Cupholders
Attach to any tubing element, round or square.
Item No. CFP181
13.   Freedom Large Suction Pad Cup Holder
Large Non Skid Suction Pad Cupholder adjusts to hold 16 oz to 46 oz cups, mugs or bottles.
Item No. CFP191
14.   Long Flexible Straw
12 inch long large diameter straw for thick creamy soups or malts.
Item No. CHS12
15.   Self Adjusting Straw Holder
Automatically adjust to hold almost any size straw firmly and securely.
16.   Insulated Cups
Insulated cups keeps food and drink warm or cold.
Item No. CKE160
17.   Nosey Glass
Allows drinking without bending the neck or tilting the head.
Item No. CKE16002
18.   Straw Holder Bag of 6
Clips to the edge of any glass
Item No. CMI74562
19.   Independence Cups and Mugs
Translucent mug makes it easy to monitor liquid intake.
Item No. CPS10
20.   Independence Clear Mug with Long Handle
Clear polycarbonate that makes it easy to monitor liquid intake.
Item No. CPS104
21.   Independence Clear Mug with Two Handles
Dual handles for a secure grip.
Item No. CPS105
22.   Independence Nosey Lid
Helps maintain proper head and neck position when swallowing.
Item No. CPS200
23.   Independence Replacement Lids
Anti-splash lid
Item No. CPS210
24.   Independence Vacuum Lid
Allows controlled intake of drinks
Item No. CPS220
25.   Independence 2 Handled Nosey Cup
Ideal for those with swallowing problems. Two handles allow for easier holding and manipulation.
Item No. CPS230
26.   Easy Grip In Mug
Designed for individuals suffering from severe arthritis that have difficulty grasping.
Item No. CRP
27.   Reusable Drinking Straws
Available in Polyethylene or Plexiglas®.
Item No. CSP113
28.   Granny Jo Dignity Mug
Allows those with limited hand strength to drink by themselves.
Item No. MGJ105
All prices in US Dollars

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Free Couch Cane Organizer!
Health Circle Sliding Transfer Bench
Only $199.99
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Allows you to comfortably and safely enter the tub or shower.
EZGrip Pen Grips
Only $2.95
Grips can be attached to or replace existing grips on most pens and pencils.
SuperPole System
Only $179.95
Secure and safe support bar for sitting, standing or transferring.
Synergel Dimensions Gel Cushion
Only $79.95
1/2 inch gel pad cushions and comforts arthritic joints.
Easy Grip Jar and Bottle Opener
Only $10.95
Helps you easily unscrew lids of all sizes.
Silipos Moisturizing Gel Heel Sleeves
Only $14.95
Provides protection, hydration, and conditioning for dry, cracked heels.
Silipos Moisturizing Gel Terry Cloth Gloves
Only $24.95
Provides warmth and comfort for arthritic hands.
Granny Jo Dignity Mug
Only $6.95
Allows those with limited hand strength to drink by themselves.

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