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Pillows and Bed Positioning Aids for Bedridden Comfort

Bedridden Pillows and Bed Positioning Aids

If the bedridden person you care for has to spend most of their time in bed, be sure to help them change position often. Health care providers recommend changing position at least every 4 hours. Foam wedges, wedge pillows, rolls and leg supports can be useful in providing comfortable position changes for the bedridden. A medical "trapeze" over the bed can help the bedridden person shift position by themselves if they are strong enough. If they are so weak they can't turn over, have a health care provider show you how to use a sheet to help roll the bedridden person in bed from side to side.

Pillows and Bed Positioning Aids
    Description Price
1.   Crescent Pillow Mate
Gently cradles the neck for cervical alignment
Item No. ADM500
2.   Rest Mate Bed Wedge
Designed to provide upper body support while lying on back or side.
Item No. ADM7920
3.   Knee Angel
Provides effective relief of knee pain
Item No. AKA500
4.   Akton Polymer Heel and Elbow Pads
For folks who are prone to skin tears or abrasions
Item No. CAC20401
5.   Anti Snore Pillow
Helps reduce the most common causes of snoring.
Item No. CCP09100
6.   CPAP Multi Mask Sleep Aid
Pillow allows multi-position sleeping for side, back and stomach sleepers.
Item No. CCP14101
7.   Contour CPAP Pillow Custom Velour Cover
Protect your investment with a custom fitted Cover for the Contour CPAP Pillow.
Item No. CCP16261
8.   Tri Core Standard Pillow
Premier, fiber-filled support pillow.
Item No. CCP200
9.   Tri-Core Mid Size Firm Support Pillow
Great comfort and support for small adults and young teens
Item No. CCP221
10.   Core Mid Size Gentle Support Pillow
Great comfort and support for small adults and young teens.
Item No. CCP222
11.   Travel Core Pillow
Sleep as well when traveling as you do at home.
Item No. CCP225
12.   BackMax Body Wedge Cushion
Relieves low back pressure, reduces swelling and improves blood flow to the lower legs.
Item No. CCP30100
13.   Petite Heelift Suspension Boot
Aids in preventing pressure ulcers in young patients.
Item No. CDM00
14.   Bariatric Heelift Suspension Boot
Helps prevent heel pressure ulcers in bariatric patients.
Item No. CDM009079
15.   Adjustable Blanket Support
Adjustable blanket support lifts up blankets to protect sensitive feet.
Item No. CDM2026
16.   Heelift Suspension Boot
Designed by an orthopedic surgeon to effectively remove pressure from the heel
Item No. CDM99
17.   Elbowlift Suspension Pad
Protects, elevates, and cushions the elbow.
Item No. CDM99800
18.   Softeze Memory Foam Half Roll
Special shape provides multiple-choice comfort.
Item No. CHP1850
19.   Body Aligner Pillow
Helps maintain a perfect position while reducing pressure in sensitive areas.
Item No. CHP2385
20.   Elevated Leg Rest
Relieves the discomfort from swollen legs and ankles.
Item No. CHP501
21.   Knee Separator Pillow
Eases pain in the back, legs, hips, and knees by maintaining proper spinal alignment.
Item No. CHP5030
22.   Dual Position Wedge
Provides upper back support.
Item No. CHP5032
23.   Foam Slant
Multipurpose foam wedge.
Item No. CHP504B
24.   Knee Rest Pillow
Promotes proper alignment, reduce pressure or elevate extremities.
Item No. CHP505
25.   Leg Lifter Pillow
Helps to maintain proper pelvic positioning.
Item No. CHP507
26.   Softeze Memory Foam All Purpose Wedge
Gently molds to the contours of your body providing unbelievable comfort
Item No. CHP8520
27.   Posey Deluxe Guard Rail Pads
Offers maximum bed rail cushioning and coverage.
Item No. CPO56
28.   Posey Heel Pillows
Provides protection against skin breakdown.
Item No. CPO61
29.   Posey Quilted Long Boots
Helps protect heels, ankles, and calves from skin irritation and painful pressure sores
Item No. CPO611
30.   Posey Premium Gel Heel Pillow
Premium Gel Heel Pillow.
Item No. CPO6118
31.   Posey Replacement Gel Pads
Replacement gel pads for the Posey Gel Heel Pillow.
Item No. CPO6118GP
32.   Posey Lateral Positioning Wedges
Ideal for eliminating pressure points in bedridden patients
Item No. CPO6309
33.   Posey Bed Cradle
Holds the sheets and blankets up off the user's feet
Item No. CPO643
34.   Psyche SleepPillow Small
Sewn in elastic straps support C-PAP tubing and take the weight of the tubing off the mask.
Item No. CPS3UB
35.   Psyche Sleep Pillow Medium
Provides proper neck support, whether you sleep on your side or back.
Item No. CPS4UB
36.   Psyche Sleep Pillow Large
Large unique butterfly shaped visco-elastic memory foam pillow for C-PAP mask users.
Item No. CPS5UB
37.   Psyche Sleep Pillow Extra-Large
Extra large size sleep apnea pillow with elastic bands allows the CPAP tubing to move with your shifting sleep positions.
Item No. CPS6UB
38.   Chili Pad Mattress Topper
Helps you save money on your energy bill by cooling or heating your bed instead of your entire house!
Item No. CPS5
39.   Spenco Heel Pillows
Provides relief of pressure for the feet, heels and ankles.
Item No. CSS3155
40.   Core C-PAP Pillow
The Core C-PAP Pillow provides proper neck support, comfort and compliance for C-PAP users.
Item No. CCP5
41.   Core Products Headache Ice Pillow
Provides cool, natural relief of migraines and tension headaches.
Item No. CCP235
42.   G-Tube Belt
Securely holds and protects feeding tubes.
Item No. CCP52
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