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Eating Utensils for the Disabled- Silverware, Flatware, Cutlery and Tableware to help make feeding and eating easier.

Picking up silverware, a fork or spoon, and lifting food to your mouth, or picking up a knife to cut your meat then using the fork to lift the meat to your mouth. It's just natural for healthy people to eat and not think of every motion required to eat.

Disabilities can interfere with daily living activities like eating. Physical limitations can make eating at dinnertime more difficult for the disabled. Using special silverware designed for disabled people can help. Larger silverware handles are easier to hold for disabled people with diminished grip strength. Added weight flatware can help stabilize tremors and shaking for disabled people who have suffered a stroke or have Parkinson's. Ask your health care provider which ones will work best for you.

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Eating Utensils
    Description Price
1.   Maddox Professional Helper Knife
Rocker knife designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities or use of only one hand.
Item No. AIT100
2.   Melaware Cutlery
Special design makes gripping tableware as effortless as possible.
Item No. AMC1001
3.   Amefa Curved Built Up Handle Utensils
For persons with decreased hand and wrist range of motion.
Item No. AMC24
4.   Easie Eaters with Shields
Prevents utensil from entering mouth to deeply.
Item No. AMS10
5.   Easie Eaters
Lightweight and easy to grip curved utensils.
Item No. AMS100
6.   Universal Leather ADL Cuff with Elastic Strap
Helps persons with limited grip hold their utensils.
Item No. ASP148
7.   Quadraplegic Palmar Clip with Pocket
Provides a firm base for the eating utensil pocket.
Item No. ASP1503
8.   Weighted Eating Utensils
Additional weight helps stabilize movement for those who experience tremors of the hands.
Item No. CAM10
9.   Knork Knife-Fork Combination
The Knork is a simple, single utensil that functions as a knife and fork together as one.
Item No. CK0
10.   Knork 5 piece set
Unlike a knife, the knork cuts through food with a rocking motion which is facilitated by a finger platform on both sides of the handle.
Item No. CK001
11.   4 Pack of Knorks
Knorks look like a normal eating utensil.
Item No. CK04
12.   Premium Plastic 4 Pack Knorks
Premium plastic Knork construction is the strongest and most durable grade in the industry.
Item No. CK087
13.   K Eatlery Weighted Utensils
Provides heavy weight to steady the person's hand to allow them to eat.
Item No. CKE1179
14.   Rocker Knife
For those unable to use a knife and fork simultaneously because of Parkinson's, muscle weakness, or arthritis.
Item No. CKE15000
15.   Meat Cutter Rocker Knife
Allows for a rocking motion, making cutting meats and vegetables much easier.
Item No. CKE15005
16.   Utensil Holder
Sewn in utensil pocket holds and positions utensil.
Item No. CKE2520
17.   Covered Spoons
Helps keep food on the utensil and limits spillage.
Item No. CMI131
18.   Utensil Hand Clip
An excellent eating aid for people who have trouble grasping and holding small utensils.
Item No. CMI74615
19.   Hole-in-One Teaspoon
Eating spoons provide several grasping positions.
Item No. CMI746180
20.   Hole-in-One Fork
Eating fork provides several grasping positions.
Item No. CMI746181
21.   UBend It Bendable Eating Utensils
Easily hand-bent to the left or the right at any angle comfortable to the user.
Item No. CMI74619
22.   Right Hand Scoop Spoon
Ideal for diagnoses of neurological disorders, a stroke, head injury, severe arthritis, wrist fractures, shoulder dysfunction, or cerebral palsy.
Item No. CMI74646
23.   The Thomas Steady Arm
Enables users with tremors to write and feed themselves.
Item No. CRT2625
24.   Non Skid, No Slip Cutting Board
Rubber suction feet hold the board in place while working
Item No. NC28
25.   Quad Care Utensil Holder
Assists people with limited or no grip to use eating.
Item No. NC28433
26.   Swedish Cutting Board
Used to slice and grate food.
Item No. NC28502
27.   Good Grips Utensil Strap
For persons with limited grip.
Item No. NC3534
28.   Good Grips Utensils
Large, easy-to-hold handles.
Item No. NC655
29.   Good Grips Weighted Utensils
Weighted utensils provide more control for people with limited hand control, Parkinson's or spasticity.
Item No. NC6556
30.   Good Grips Rocker Knife with Serrated Blade
Help cutting meats. Requires only minimal arm strength for cutting.
Item No. NC65585
31.   Good Grips Coated Spoons
Coated spoon helps protect teeth and lips.
Item No. NC6559
32.   Finger Loop Dinner Fork
Vinyl coated easy grip utensil.
Item No. AMI176
33.   Finger Loop Teaspoon
Loop handle helps to properly position utensil in users hand.
Item No. AMI170
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