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Handwriting aids, tools, gadgets for people having difficulty writing after suffering a stroke.

Handwriting is often a struggle for stroke victims and may require special assistance.

Below are several types of handwriting accessories, tools, aids and gadgets that help assist stroke victims with their handwriting.

    Description Price
1.   EZGrip Pen Grips
Helps reduce writing fatigue.
Item No. ADT71120
2.   EzGrip ResQ Gel Ergonomic Pen
Helps neutralizes hand difficulties due to arthritis immediately.
Item No. ADT82101
3.   Evo Pens Package of 2
Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation and is recommended by hand and occupational therapists.
Item No. AEP
4.   Pen and Pencil Weights Set of 6
Help provide sensory motor feedback.
Item No. AKE40026
5.   Pen & Pencil Weight Kit
Helps provide feedback for those with difficulty in vestibular or proprioceptive processing.
Item No. AKE40027
6.   Squiggle Wiggle Writer
Gives the user tactile stimulation and encourages appropriate grasp.
Item No. AKE40050
7.   Steady Write Pen
Helps to balance, guide and stabilize the hand for improved handwriting.
Item No. AMI330
8.   Twist N Write Pencil 4 Pack
Pencil design promotes tripod grasp, writing control, and endurance.
Item No. APW0071
9.   Ergo Sof PenAgain
Eliminates the need to grip the pen or pencil.
Item No. APW300
10.   Wanchik's Writer
Supports your writing utensil for a more relaxed hand when writing.
Item No. ASN318
11.   Wanchik's Junior :: Pediatric Writer
Writing utensil holder that holds the pen for you.
Item No. ASN318J
12.   Assist-A-Tray
Helps getting in and out of a couch or chair & provides a desk.
Item No. AST2050
13.   Pivot and Tilt OverBed Table
Allows for versatility and flexibility not seen on any other overbed table.
Item No. CDM13000
14.   OverBed Table
Provides a sturdy, level surface over the bed.
Item No. CDM13003
15.   Deluxe,Tilt Top OverBed Table
Practical overbed table for use while eating, reading, writing or having a place to put other material while in a bed.
Item No. CDM13008
16.   Adult Weighted Universal Standard Holder
Adult Weighted Universal Standard Holder provides added weight for those having difficulty writing due to tremors, ataxia, or shaking.
Item No. CKE40000
17.   Adult Weighted Deluxe Universal Holder
Can be used with pens, pencils markers, paintbrushes, crayons and any item that measures 1/8 in to 7/16 inch diameter.
Item No. CKE40005
18.   Pediatric Universal Weighted Standard Holder
Helps stabilize the hand for those with difficulty bearing down.
Item No. CKE410
19.   The Bed Desk
The Bed Desk™ is a book stand with legs like a bed tray. The two legs are collapsible and the desk can be adjusted to almost any angle for reading books, or to provide a table for the bedridden.
Item No. CLBP1000
20.   BipGrip Pen Grip
Simplifies writing and drawing for those with a weak grip.
Item No. CPS300
21.   The Thomas Steady Arm
Enables users with tremors to write and feed themselves.
Item No. CRT2625
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