Chenille-It tm Blooming Bias tm Natural
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Chenille-It tm Blooming Bias tm- Pale Pink
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Plant a Garden Quilt Kit
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Butterfly Garden Kit
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Plant a Garden Kit
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Venetian Windows Kit
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Bird on a Wire Quilt Kit
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New Ideas & Tips Designer Tips...

There are 10 easy steps to CHENILLE "THE EASY WAY"

1-Create your sample swatches to determine the number of layers and the layering order. The number of variations with the same combination of fabrics is surprising.

2-Using the pattern pieces to be chenilled, lay them on the template tisssue and cut templates out one half inch larger then the pattern. This way we are only chenilling the amount of fabric necessary. Angle changes can be centered in the middle of the pattern
piece or where ever desired This also creates perfectly symmetrical corresponding pieces, i.e. right vest front template is placed right side down on to template sheet matching the lines, giving a perfect mirror image everytime.

3- Use the templates to cut out the layers of fabric (these are the fabrics that will blossom). Cut the base (the fabric that holds the blossom together and shows between the rows) one half inch larger then template and layers. Refer to the samples done, the base is the fabric on the bottom of the sample. The open corner on the sample, indicates the number of layers and in what order.

4-Pin the template, layers and base together across every fifth or sixth row. Sew on pinned lines to stabilize the fabric and template. This eliminates the need for pins.

5-Sew the rest of the lines.

6-Tear the tissue away - the paper comes away easily as it has been perforated by the stitching.

7-Cut the layers up the middle of the stitching lines keeping the base intact. It is easy to distinguish between the base and the layers as the base is larger then the layers.

8-After cutting all rows, place original pattern pieces on fabric and cut down to original pattern size.

9- Serge or zig zag finish the edges.

10-Then sew and finish garment completely. Wash in washer and dry in dryer.



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