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WOVEN RIBBON BAG by Nannette Holmberg
Finished size: 6" x 8"
Supplies: 3 muslin rectangles 7" x 20½"
1 muslin rectangle 8" x 21½"
8 yards 1" wide silk ribbon for weaving (a variety of colors)
note: you may vary the width of the ribbons and adjust the yardage.
5 - 2 yard pieces of 7/16" ribbon for straps
1 - 3/4 yard of 2" wide satin ribbon for binding.

1. Layer the three 7" x 20½" pieces of muslin on top of the 8" x 21½" piece of muslin, leaving 1/2" of base layer showing all the way around.

2. Cut 20½" strips of ribbon and pin to top and bottom edge of muslin rectangle.

3. Cut 7" strips of ribbon to weave over and under lengthwise strips of ribbon until 7" x 20½" rectangles is completely woven. Pin ends in place.

4. With contrasting marking pencil, mark a 45% line across weaving in the middle of your rectangle. This is your first row of machine stitching. With a medium stitch on your machine, stitch along this line.

5. Continue stitching from first rows of stitching in 3/8" wide rows, until the rectangle is completely quilted.

6. Leaving the base intact, cut the top three muslin layers and the woven ribbon layers between the rows of stitching, using blunt nosed scissors or one of the special tools available for cutting chenille.

7. Launder the slashed rectangle in the washing machine with 1 tablespoon of detergent. Dry in dryer on medium heat until completely dry.

8. Trim rectangle to 6: x 19½".

9. Bind bottom edge of rectangle with 2" satin ribbon in 1/2" binding.

10. Bring up bottom edge with wrong sides together 8" from the bottom edge and pin sides together. Stitch in place with 3/8" seam.

11. Bind all cut edges of bag with satin ribbon.

12. Following directions on rope tool, make rope for strap. Tie knots in both ends and let ribbon ends bloom. Tack into place on sides of bag.